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Commercial Office Space without the headaches of maintenance or facilities management, and with simple pricing, straightforward terms. No broker required.

WorkLodge vs. Traditional Lease?

Get a free comparison guide to help make the BEST decision for your business. 

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“WorkLodge is the BEST Office Space I have ever worked in and I've been in many across the globe”
Thomas L.

WorkLodge Member

Team Suites & Custom Solutions

Customized, remote corporate campus environments for your team of up to 100, with your flair or ours! team. Enjoy 'Class A' commercial office space on steroids, for less. 

Reduced Cost Per Employee

Typical savings of 20-30% per team member.

Reduced Time to Delivery

Same day move in available for teams of up to 50 people.

Reduced Capital Expenditure

$0 build-out costs and CapEx combined with reduced liabilities.

More Flexibility & Predictability

Buy what you need for today, knowing that we've got tomorrow covered.

More Stability

Business Continuity options that guarantee desks at other locations, for those times when things go wrong.

More Amenities

Training, Meeting & Conference Rooms, Podcast and Video recording studios, nursing rooms and more, all included.

Built for Enterprise. Enjoyed by All.

We deliver enterprise grade infrastructure & hardware to deliver 99.99% up-time, combined with ergonomic and premium furniture options that meet or exceed common health & safety standards.

Premium, Unrivaled Furniture

Custom, 7-way adjustable, ergonomic office chairs with silent motion wheels are just one example of the intentional focus we place on delivering exceptional experience through every touch point. Your team will thank you!

Fiber Based Networks

Fiber based networks with multiple layers of redundancy to keep your team connected, no matter what. Since launching in 2015 our members have enjoyed 99.99% up-time, even through multiple hurricanes and floods in our home city of Houston, TX.

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Currently Available Suites

Walk-in, plug-in and work ready suites, available now in our new Dallas, TX and St. Petersburg, FL locations.

  • Suite #1671 (Available)
    Dallas, Texas

    Up to 20 Person Team Suite

  • Suite #4018 (Available)
    Woodlands, Texas

    Up to 20 Person Team Suite

  • Suite #1672 (Available)
    Dallas, Texas

    Up to 25 Person Team Suite

  • Suite #1634 (Coming Soon!)
    Dallas, Texas

    18 Person Team Suite

  • Suite #305 (Coming Soon!)
    Houston, Texas

    10 Person Team Suite

  • Suite #220 (Coming Soon!)
    St. Petersburg, Florida

    20 Person Team Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the contracts?

Most members enjoy the stability of 24-60 month agreements however, if you need something different we can absolutely help! Let us know what you need and let's go from there.

When can I move in?

Sign up today, move in tomorrow. It really is that simple. 

How do you handle safety?

All office members are background screened prior to receiving their keys and most locations have physical, on-site security on-property.

Additionally, we maintain a zero-nuisance policy in line with our terms and conditions. You can trust us to keep you and your team safe.

Isn't your cost per Sq.Ft. high compared to traditional Real Estate?

Not at all! Many people make the mistake of comparing our private office options with the total square footage of traditional space. It's like comparing the drivers seat of our vehicle with all the seats on a greyhound bus! We include the whole bus too, we just don't charge you for it if you're only going to use one seat.

I'm not familiar with Commercial Real Estate.

That's ok! We offer transparent, honest and fair pricing (that includes all the normal, day to day taxes, fees etc.) to everyone because we hate haggling, and we think most people do.

We're so confident we GUARANTEE that nobody will offer an equivalent level of space and service for less, otherwise we'll beat it.

Have a question? Drop us a line.

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