Our mission at WorkLodge is to create professional, campus environments that inspire, empower, and enable our members to do work that changes not just their lives, but the lives of our local communities and beyond.

We Guarantee It

We guarantee a distraction-free environment that enables you to focus on business while we take care of the rest. We're committed to building and operating the best environments, in all the markets we serve.

Increased Productivity

Get more done, faster, with more support and more amenities (podcast studios, fitness centers etc.) to take your business to the next level. We designed WorkLodge specifically to increase productivity, reduce friction, and enable growth.

Increased Revenues

Our members consistently report increased revenues since moving into WorkLodge. Intentionally built environments help you focus on what matters most while reducing the overall investment needed.

Increased Success

Success is ultimately measured by the lives you change with the work you do. When you can focus on the things that matter most to you and your mission, you make a bigger difference in the market to which you're called.

Our 5 Core Values

We’re committed to our overarching goal to ‘Be Amazing', which is delivered through 5 core values that shape every decision we make.

Humble Core Value - WorkLodge

Be Amazing

Our 5 core values combine to to deliver one amazingness because we aren't in the workspace business, we're in the people business, supporting you & your clients.

Authentic Core Value - WorkLodge

1. Be Authentic

We’re real, honest and trustworthy. We do the right thing even when no one is watching, chasing excellence, not perfection, every single day.

Generous Core Value - WorkLodge

2. Be Generous

We think beyond ourselves, giving time to encourage, get to know, mentor and coach those around us, while finding ways to touch our communities & beyond.

Passionate Core Value - WorkLodge

3. Be Passionate

We’re passionate about entrepreneurship, business and our brand. Which is why we're driving awareness for Social Entrepreneurship through our team, and podcast.

Humble Core Value - WorkLodge

4. Be Humble

Wecelebrate our Members and Team, putting their needs ahead of ours to build an incredible Community because we recognize that no-one got here without a little help from somebody else.

Bonkers Core Value - WorkLodge

5. Be Bonkers

We’re a little kooky, and we’re not limited by what others think. We believe the impossible might just be possible, and we work hard every single day to find a way to make that happen.

See our DNA in action with The Gabriel Foundation, our 501(c)3

Nonprofit Partner The Gabriel Foundation - WorkLodge

Bringing clean water to 1000's of people, building orphanages or supporting local non-profits, we're committed to Changing Lives in any way we can.

2014 - Est. Gabriel Foundation

We created The Gabriel Foundation at the same time as WorkLodge because their 2 sides of the same coin. Our fundamental goal was to build a Social Enterprise that would use it's profits to improve and change lives.

2014-2019 - $4.5m donated in food

Through incredible partnerships across Houston, we donate over $900,000 each year in fresh food and produce to families in need, in North Houston, Texas.

2017 - Orphanage #1 Built

We successfully opened our first children's home for 50 kids and 2 sets of house parents in June of 2017 providing a safe, loving and caring environment to ensure they grow and thrive.

2017 - Orphanage #2 & #3 Built

We successfully opened our second and third children's home for 100 kids and 4 sets of house parents in 2018.

2019 - Clean Water for 2500+

We provided clean water wells to many rural villages in Cambodia to give not only water to drink, but also to help farming and irrigation allowing them to benefit in numerous ways.

Nonprofit Partners

We work alongside and partner with many, incredible non-profit teams to help change more lives.

Mike Thakur - Founder
“I've spent my entire life finding ways to help people with whatever their needs might have been. Through this combination of enterprise with philanthropy, I'm excited to accelerate the work and see the outcomes we're able to deliver.”
Mike Thakur