At WorkLodge, we know businesses find it hard to navigate the:

- unpredictability of growth
- time pressure of finding and maintaining commercial real estate
- capital investments associated with it.

That's why we created flexible, on-demand workspace that helps teams of up to 50 enjoy big business infrastructure and amenities that help grow revenue and improve productivity while reducing the financial risks and other costs involved.

We're built for you!

WorkLodge Private Office & Coworking

If you've been searching for a distraction-free environment where you can focus on business while someone else takes care of the rest then stop. Relax. Enjoy. 

Built by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, we're committed and intentional about helping your and your team succeed.

Increased Productivity

Get more done, faster, with more support and more amenities (podcast studios, fitness centers etc.) to help you focus on business. 

Increased Revenues

Members consistently report increased revenues since moving into WorkLodge as a result of our intentionally designed community. 

Increased Success

Focus on what matters most to you and your mission, making a bigger difference where it counts.

Our 5 Core Values

We’re committed to our overarching goal of ‘Being Amazing', delivered through 5 core values that shape how we serve you and your team. 

1. Being Authentic

We’re not perfect, but we'll treat you with honesty and integrity, doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

2. Be Generous

We give time to encourage, get to know, mentor and touch the lives of those around us in meaningful, tangible ways.

3. Be Passionate

We LOVE entrepreneurship & business, evangelizing Social Entrepreneurship through our brand & podcast.

4. Be Humble

We put other's needs ahead of our own because we care.

5. Be Bonkers

We believe the impossible might just be possible, & work hard every day to find a way to make that happen.


We aren't in the workspace business, we're in the people business and we LOVE to serve you & your clients.

When You Choose WorkLodge, You Change Lives.

Nonprofit Partner The Gabriel Foundation - WorkLodge

Bringing clean water to 1000's of people, building orphanages or supporting local non-profits, we're committed to Changing Lives in any way we can.

2014 - Est. Gabriel Project

We created The Gabriel Foundation with WorkLodge because they're 2 sides of a coin. A Social Enterprise that improves and changes lives.

2014-2019 - $4.5m donated in food

Through incredible partnerships we've donated approx. $1m of fresh food annually to families in need.

2017 - Orphanage #1 Built

Opened our 1st children's home for 50 kids providing a safe, loving and caring environment for them to grow and thrive.

2018 - Orphanage #2 & #3 Built

Opened our 2nd and 3rd children's homes (for 100 kids in total).

2019-2020 - Clean Water for 2500+

Clean water wells give not only water to drink, but also for farming and irrigation.

Nonprofit Partners

We work alongside and partner with many, incredible non-profit teams to help change more lives.

Mike Thakur - Founder
“By combining enterprise with mission, our goal is to touch more lives in a tangible, practical way, helping them develop self-sustaining solutions that provide hope and a better tomorrow.”
Mike Thakur