Community Partner Program

Why partner with WorkLodge?

Small businesses have to stick together. Our Community Partner Program is designed to be a mutually beneficial relationship with the local businesses in our community.

Minimum Requirements

Rather than litter our display screens and facilities with advertising from the highest bidder, we choose to partner with local businesses within our community. In order to become a community partner, you must meet these minimum requirements. 



To be considered for the Community Partner Program, you must have a physical location/storefront within a 2-4 mile radius of WorkLodge location.

Walk-in Traffic

Partners receive thousands worth of free advertising throughout WorkLodge's location(s). In order for the relationship to be mutually beneficial, your store must have significant walk-in traffic.

Positive Influence

We are a G-Rated workspace, and we're only interested in partnering with businesses that are a positive influence in the community. 

Interested in partnering with us? Please complete the form below to learn more.