When work makes you cry, something’s wrong

Working from Home

Microsoft recently completed some internal research on the emotional wellness and mental state of their employees as we continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19 with work-from-home lockdowns, the future of workspace, and employee flexibility. What they found was staggering. It seems that employees working from home on a daily basis (and bear in mind […]

Finding the Calm & Soothing the Soul

Best Workspace for Mental Health - WorkLodge

Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us feeling out of sorts. Many have a hard time describing their own mental state right now. We’re feeling anxious, fearful, exhausted, lonely, frustrated and a host of other emotions. There has, in addition, been a […]

The Beanie that’s Changing Lives

Nonprofit Beanie - WorkLodge

Recently, we had chance to catch up with close friend, Dianna Bautista with Shear Love International for an episode on The Mike Thakur Show. Dianna’s a rock star who’s committed her life to rescuing and helping people trapped in human trafficking and the sex slave industry. Through our in-house, nonprofit partner the Gabriel Project, we’ve supported […]

Be Generous this Giving Tuesday

Compassion United

Although it’s great to think about giving all through the year, it’s especially encouraging that there is one special day, right around the Thanksgiving holiday, where everybody chooses to think just a little bit harder, and a little bit more intentionally, about the value of being generous, being thankful, and being able to give to […]

Why Buying Office Space Could Kill Your Business

Better than Office Space for Lease - WorkLodge

Have you ever wondered why so many of the Fortune 500, along with an overwhelmingly high percentage of small to mid sized businesses lease or rent commercial office space instead of buying it? Often times, it’s easy to look at the expense like an individual would look at their home lease and think ‘oh, I’m […]

PRESS RELEASE: Texas-Based Coworking Space Announces Black Friday for Businesses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 7, 2020 | Houston, Texas WorkLodge, a Texas-based, Coworking Space announces it’s first ever, “Black Friday Sales” event offering unprecedented deals to help entrepreneurs and small business owners, battered by COVID-19 get back to work. “The goal was to find a way that we could bring more value to our local, business community […]

3 Things to Look for in your Next Office Chair

Office Chairs - WorkLodge

Let’s talk about Office Chairs. I’ve got to be honest here, before creating WorkLodge I was one of those folks that would go chair shopping and pick whatever I could find, as long as it was less than a couple hundred dollars. I’d look at one, maybe sit in it for a few seconds and […]

New Work from Home (WFH) Memberships

Work from Home Mom - WorkLodge

Business only works when you can adapt and evolve as the market needs change and right now, it feels as though change is the biggest understatement alive! Dealing with a pandemic isn’t something any of us thought we’d ever face in our lives but as we learn to adapt and to find new and more […]

Top 5 Benefits of Moving to a Coworking Space

Office Space near Spring-Cypress & Tomball - WorkLodge

Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email The future of workspace is here and it’s definitely not the workspace of the last decade. The rise of coworking spaces continue to open new doors for businesses of all sizes. Whether expanding to new locations, setting-up satellite teams, or just outgrowing existing […]