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New Work from Home (WFH) Memberships

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  • Post last modified:July 1, 2020
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Business only works when you can adapt and evolve as the market needs change and right now, it feels as though change is the biggest understatement alive!

Dealing with a pandemic isn’t something any of us thought we’d ever face in our lives but as we learn to adapt and to find new and more creative ways to do business, I’m so proud to announce some great new additions to the WorkLodge suite of workspace solutions as we celebrate 5 years since we opened our doors in Houston, Texas.

Our goal has always been to help people build their dreams by removing the friction of commercial real estate and office space for rent, while providing enterprise-grade benefits to entrepreneurs and business owners of any size.

So we get it. Our founder built WorkLodge because the whole work from home thing wasn’t really working. It’s noisy and distracting. It’s challenging when the kids don’t understand it’s “work time” and it’s unproductive when you’re bombarded with distractions, by the hour and sometime by the minute. To cap it off, losing that separation of home life and work life wreaks havoc on those around you! The idea of working from home sounds great, but there was a reason office space was invented in the first place.

Our team has reimagined workspace. Again. From the ground up, to deliver what we think is the most flexible, innovative and industry leading plan available today. All backed by our no nickel and dime guarantee, and our authentic, transparent pricing that puts you in control.

Welcome to ‘Work from Home’ by WorkLodge.

Choose from 3 amazing plans that deliver ‘our space, your way’. It’s that simple. Use them in whatever combination makes sense for you today, and change it up tomorrow.

WFH STARTER – $99/mo

WFH ESSENTIALS – $249/mo = Our WFH Starter plan PLUS $300 of WorkLodge Dollars

WFH PRO – $399/mo = Our WFH Starter plan PLUS $500 of WorkLodge Dollars

Use your WorkLodge dollars on ANY WorkLodge service, at ANY WorkLodge location you like. Use a day pass today and the podcast studio tomorrow. Book a meeting room next week and the training room next month. Whatever you need it’s yours, simply manage the dollars from month to month.

Our Work from Home PRO plan for example, gives you incredible value with:

  • Up to 30 hours of Meeting Room time
  • 14 full day passes in our Coworking Space
  • 5 full day passes in Private Office Space
  • 250 minutes in our Podcast Studio

Or any combination of the above!

Signup instantly online starting July 1 and join our growing, amazing business community. As a bonus, claim your free WorkLodge T-Shirt while supplies last!