5 Reasons Coworking Spaces are on the Rise

The future of office space is here, and it’s definitely not the one of the last decade. The rise of coworking spaces like WorkLodge, continue to open new doors for businesses and entrepreneurs. Needs can change quickly, but it looks like coworking spaces are checking all the boxes. Here are the 5 reasons Coworking Spaces are on the Rise:

1. Productivity

  • 74% of coworkers report being more productive since joining a coworking space
  • 64% of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on time
  • 68% said they were able to focus better while coworking

Between the pets, kids, laundry and other household chores, ensuring employees are in an environment to be productive and not distracted is a challenging task with remote workers. Private office & coworking spaces allow members to get more done by providing an environment that removes distractions and increases productivity with an enterprise grade infrastructure, full-equipped meeting rooms, and private, dedicated office environments designed to inspire creativity and collaboration.

2. Professional Development and Continued Learning

  • 69% of coworkers surveyed said they acquired new skills by being in a coworking space
  • 68% of coworkers reported improving upon their existing skills
  • 67% of coworkers said they attend the events and education programs offered at their coworking space

Advancements within any given industry are constantly changing and employees who work from home often miss the opportunity to learn through daily interactions working alongside peers. Coworking allows remote workers location flexibility while still providing opportunities for continued learning and development. At WorkLodge, we bring in subject-matter experts on a monthly basis to help our Lodgers stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in business, in addition to providing enterprise-grade tools and services to ensure no one misses a beat and has the same resources as a corporate campus-structured environment.

3. The Three C’s: Connection + Community + Collaboration

  • 86% of coworkers report having a larger business network
  • 93% report a bigger social network since joining a coworking space
  • 67% feel more creative and want to collaborate more on projects
  • 83% of remote workers reported feeling less lonely since joining a coworking environment

Advances in technology have allowed us to work smarter than ever before. But despite all the resources that allow remote workers to stay connected, nothing replaces the benefits seen when a team collaborates together in the same space.

The unique environment of coworking spaces allow employees to build networks, both business and personal, not available from a home office. WorkLodge prides itself on being a community that provides opportunities for connections both within your own team and with other Lodgers through daily interactions and monthly events and social gatherings. Because you never know when a new conversation will inspire the next big idea!

4. Health

  • 89% of members feel happier since joining a coworking space
  • 60% of coworkers report being more relaxed at home since coworking

We know your employee’s health is top of mind for you and for them. A healthy work/life balance allows employees to be more productive while on the clock, but can be hard to manage long-term when a work space is tied into an employee’s personal space. Having dedicated offsite workspace for your remote employees allows healthy boundaries between the two worlds.

At WorkLodge, we also take the health of your teams seriously and pride ourselves on our top-of-the-line offerings, including ergonomic chairs, standing desk options, natural lighting and many other perks designed with our Lodgers in mind.

5. Cost

  • Teams of 10 or less would save an average of $12,435 their 1st year
  • Teams of 10 or more would save between 20-30% on cost per employee

With flexible terms, options to expand as business grows, and full serve amenities that allow coworkers to simply walk in, plug in, and work, it’s easy to see the cost benefits coworking has for both companies and employees. And while working from home may seem cost efficient, businesses must take into account the overhead costs of reimbursing employees for home office set up, purchasing necessary equipment, and maintaining security measures, just to name a few.

WorkLodge provides Lodgers with enterprise-grade infrastructure and hassle-free contracts that make sure you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. And we are always coming up with new services and amenities, like Podcast studios and training rooms, to ensure your teams always have the leading edge in the market.

At WorkLodge, we pride ourselves on living by our company motto – Workspace. Changing Lives. – each and every day. We believe business has the ability to change lives and pride ourselves on giving our Lodgers the tools and resources to do so. We encourage you to come check out our space and see for yourself the benefits coworking could have on your business in the new decade. Schedule a Tour today and experience the WorkLodge difference.

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