Is the Traditional Office Space Gone For Good?

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COVID-19 has shown us so many things over the past couple of months, but nothing has been more glaringly obvious, or even surprising to some, as the increase in productivity levels from their remote teams. Some are working from home and others have turned to satellite offices close to suburban areas. Learn how businesses are successfully increasing their team’s productivity in the middle of a pandemic.

Forgive my slight exaggeration for a title (!), I know that for many companies there will always be a need for a traditional office space however, it’s what that space looks like and how much space is truly needed that is going to change drastically.

People don’t want to commute for hours each day, losing their most precious commodity of all, time. They don’t want to be forced into the office 5 days per week when they can be successful doing some of that work elsewhere. They also don’t want to be forced to work from home when their home is their sanctuary, their safe place or fortress of solitude, where they escape the pressures of work at the end of a long day or week.

We’re about to witness the explosion of flexible workspace and the culmination of what I, and many others in this industry have been evangelizing for years.

Businesses like WorkLodge can improve employee morale by giving a remote team the community and professional environment they need to succeed, but closer to home improving their work / life balance through the time and cost savings delivered.

We can improve the profitability of corporations by reducing their overall cost per employee, while providing flexible hot desk options to provide even more support to their teams across larger geographical areas.

We can reduce the liabilities of long term lease space, the uncertainty of reconciliations and maintenance / repairs through our all-inclusive, flat rate plans with guaranteed and capped increases that allow for precise budgeting with zero balance sheet liabilities.

We can improve the agility of ANY business by providing workspace-on-demand, as a service that scales and flexes as your business and the broader economical market dictates.

At a time like this when so many businesses are realizing what a noose their traditional office space for rent has become around their profitability, exploring and learning more about WorkLodge flexible solutions isn’t something that’s just a good idea, it’s something you absolutely should be looking at now, to plan for a more profitable future.

Traditional Office Space vs WorkLodge

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