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Names Matter

As a social impact business, we focus intentionally on not just looking for ways to help and deliver enterprising impact in our local communities and beyond, but also in looking for ways to bring awareness to how valuable it is for all businesses to think beyond themselves.

One of the ways we do this is with names. Specifically, the names of our meeting and conference rooms!

We've been so blessed to partner with some amazing people and organizations that we wanted to highlight them in a more meaningful way to our Members and guests. That's why, for this year we've introduced a few new names to our Meeting rooms so now, when booking you can choose from:

  • - The Gabriel Room (in recognition of our own non-profit, the Gabriel Project).
  • - The Shield Bearer Room recognizing the great work done by Shield Bearer in Houston, providing support and rehabilitation to victims of human trafficking (and much more).
  • -  The Shear Love Room - an amazing group of folks rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking in Thailand.
  • -  The AquaShare Room - our incredible partner in the far east building clean water wells for families and villages in developing areas.

You'll find these names at all corporate locations and we hope you'll enjoy knowing that when you book a meeting, or use any service that WorkLodge provides, you're helping us change lives through these and other partnerships that directly benefit those most vulnerable and in need.