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When ONE+ONE=1

When we built WorkLodge, we built it in tandem with The Gabriel Foundation, a nonprofit focused on helping those who can’t help themselves in self-sustaining ways whenever possible. Our work is primarily local (in 2019 we donated over $1,000,000 of fresh food and produce to families in the Houston area for example) however we also aim for one larger scale project overseas each year.

For 2020, we wanted to connect our Members even more to the mission and really bring clarity to our tag line, “Workspace. Changing Lives.” and so we’re excited to explain one of the ways we’ve approached that for 2020.

Launching our ‘ONE+ONE‘ program earlier this year, we’re essentially saying ‘Choose an Office. Change Lives.‘ because each person that chooses an office space membership, funds one new, clean water well in a developing nation. We’ve been building wells since 2018 and they’re incredible. Each well serves a small village of approx. 25-50 people and the clean water actually save lives (the village leaders actually track and log how many people die from ‘stomach’ issues).

They benefit from improved farming, growing crops etc. which can be sold at market so in essence, we’re fueling some of their micro-businesses also. Oh, and we guarantee the wells for life! If something breaks, the local team go out and fix it at no charge.

Things grow a whole lot better & faster with clean water than dirty, river water

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