The Dallas Design District has undergone what can only be described as an amazing transformation over the last 20 years. Morphing from an industrial park of warehouses serving the design trade into a modern day, vibrant, live / work / play industrial chic enclave full of fine-art dealerships, sleek furniture showrooms and colorful stores. Throw in a few really cool anomalies such as the Haas Motorcycle (over 200 motorcycles spanning 130 years), WorkLodge (offering coworking and private office suites for teams of up to 50) and 1 of only 7 Lucchese Bootmaker stores in the entire United States and what exists today genuinely has something for every one and every need.

Here’s a few of our favorite places:

Community Beer

The award winning team at Community Beer couldn’t have chosen a better place to call home. Located on Inspiration Drive in the Design District (I know, we’re jealous too) they offer an incredible selection of fine, craft beers and have a DNA that’s right in line with ours, looking for ways to do good things in their community which we think makes them ‘amazing’. They rent out the beer room and their merch is rockin’. Stop by and say hi next time you’re in town. Can you say Snickerdoodle Ale?

Ascension Coffee

These self described ‘fanatics’ in all things coffee clearly nailed it with this one. Locally known as one of if not THE best coffee shop in all of Dallas (best ‘Iced Coffee’ by National Coffee Day Guide is just one of the many awards these folks have won). Ascension Coffee is located at the entrance to the Design District right on Oaklawn, west of I35 and just before you get to Dragon St. (that’s our street!) which makes it perfectly located for us to walk over for amazing coffee anytime we feel the urge (I know, don’t be jealous).  Stop by, enjoy coffee from all over the world and say nice things about them online… Along with everyone else that already has.

Pakpao Thai

Actually located across the street and a couple minutes walk from Ascension Coffee, Pakpao was the first place our founder stopped by to eat at when searching for a new location to open. It’s small and cozy, but don’t let that fool you. Incredible Thai food, fused with an eclectic menu (order the Pineapple Fried Rice and prepare to be wowed) and hundreds of incredible reviews mean you can’t go wrong with this one. Did we mention Pad Thai Monday ($8 Pad Thai and $4 Chularitas)? You could argue that they’re barely inside the Dallas Design District boundary but who are we to split hairs!

p.s. The Wheelhouse is also one of our faves and a superb place to eat as well as Rodeo Goat if you’re wanting a more casual, burger slaying joint.

Trinity Strand

Almost 8 miles of hiking and biking that you can jump right into once fully completed, this 2.5 mile series of trails is just incredible. Enjoy the outdoors, take a walk over lunch or ride your bike at the weekend. Accessible right by the Virgin hotel you’ve got no excuses left for getting a little exercise to break up your day.

Goss-Michael Foundation

I’m a native Brit and so when I heard that the late George Michael and Kenny Goss created a foundation that calls the Dallas Design District home I was intrigued to say the least. Whether it’s ‘Faith’, ‘Wake me up before you go go’ or ‘Last Christmas’, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone has heard at least one George Michael song (or more likely many). The gallery features many unique pieces from Michael’s personal collection, and works to do amazing things in the community and beyond.

Bonus – Virgin Hotel

Virgin’s newest, premium hotel opened in early 2020 off Oak Lawn (are you seeing a pattern here yet) and just behind Ascension Coffee. Racking up the 5 star reviews daily, this stunning piece of architecture is lighting up the Design District skyline with it’s retro styled name. Enjoy the Commons Club, rooftop bar and more, and let them know we sent you… We’ve got friends there so they’ll take special care of you and your guests.