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IGNITE Office Space Contestant, Rosa es Rojo

Official 2019 IGNITE Office Space Contestant, Aideé Granados with Rosa es Rojo, Inc.

Year Established: 2016

Outreach Type: Wellness and cancer awareness for Hispanic women by in-person trainings, one-on-one mentorships and virtual resources.

Give a brief history of your nonprofit’s story. Please include how and why it was established, and who has been involved.

Aidee Granados, founder and CEO of Rosa Es Rojo, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. She was newly married, raising a toddler, living in a foreign country and with no family around. She is the third generation of cancer patients: grandmother, mother and father (even stepmother) died from cancer. She had an amazing medical team, however, she couldn’t find enough resources in her own language and realized the need that Hispanic women have to be educated on wellness to make healthier choices and prevent chronic diseases. From her personal journey and starting from the disinformation about wellness and cancer prevention among Hispanics in the US, Aidee founded Rosa Es Rojo in 2016. Things she was told did not fit with being better. She came to the conclusion that the “pink” surrounding breast cancer was not enough for her and that she needed bright red! Pink is Red! That day Rosa Es Rojo was born.

In the last 3 years, we have reached more than 700 Hispanic women in North Texas directly, impacting more than 3,200 community members with an equivalent to more than 6,300 hours of training.

A Brief Chronology:

2013: Founder Aidee Granados was diagnosed with breast cancer while living in California, after one year of living in the US.

2014: Rosa Es Rojo was born as a digital blog to share content about wellness, resilience and cancer prevention for the Hispanic community.

2016: In August, Rosa Es Rojo was established as a 501(c)(3) in the State of Texas, and starting to share workshops about wellness and cancer prevention with the Hispanic women population in North Texas, highlighting nutrition, physical activity, emotional health and positive thinking. Aidee Granados officially became CEO of the organization, in charge of operations, instructional design and facilitation of the educational wellness program. 40 participants attended the workshops in 2016, that is equivalent to 160 hours of direct training.

2017: Co-founder Laura Mendivil joined the Rosa Es Rojo’s team as Development Director.

– Rosa Es Rojo was elected as one of the eleven members of GroundFloor program, the Social Innovation Accelerator of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.
– The Rojo Way was adopted as a 6-month signature wellness program, including not only workshops but one-on-one support sessions and virtual support for continuous education.
– By the end of 2018 more than 556 participants attended in The Rojo Way, equivalent to +4,500 hours of direct training, thanks to the collaboration with regional and local partners.
– Rosa Es Rojo was elected as one of the three finalists of Kernel Program, the social innovation and accelerator fund of United Way of Tarrant County, winning second place in the Final Pitch, and allowing Rosa Es Rojo’s expansion to that county.

– As a wellness advocate for the Hispanic women community, our founder was selected as a 2019 honoree of the Minority Business Leader Award with the distinction of Community Advocate.
– In the last year, Rosa Es Rojo’s revenue has grown 10 times more than in the last 3 years combined.
– Aidee also earned the 2019 South By Southwest (SXSW®) Community Service Award.
– 150 new Hispanic women were served by The Rojo Way, impacting at least 450 community members indirectly.
– Rosa Es Rojo was selected as 2019-2020 Social Ventures Partners Advisee, with the project of capacity building specifically to find new sources of revenue.
– Founder was selected as 2019 National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Women of Hope Awards finalist
– Founder was selected as Dallas Public Voices- OpEd fellow
– Co-Founder was selected as Major’s Star Council 2019/2020 member
– Co- Founder was selected as Communities Foundation of Texas, Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy 2019/2020 member
– Founder was selected as 2019/2020 It is Lonely at the Top member
– Rosa Es Rojo launches podcast SUPERVIVE in Spanish, with general topics related to health and well-being
– Rosa es Rojo won the 2019 DCEO Communities Foundation of Texas Corporate Citizenship Awards, “Organization of the Year < $99,000”
– Rosa Es Rojo was selected as the winner of United Way of Dallas Social Innovation Accelerator mini milestone grant
– Rosa Es Rojo was selected as United Way Worldwide + Stacy’s® Rise Project 2019 Micro-grant grantee
– Rosa Es Rojo organized with success its first 5K fun run. More than 230 people attended, 82% of them were women.

What outreach or services does your nonprofit offer?

There is a lack of education within the Latino community in the US regarding wellness, health and prevention. Using evidence-based health data, we designed and own “The Rojo Way”, a 6-month community wellness program (totaling 20 hours) that centers on nutrition, physical activity, emotional health, positive thinking and goal setting, using in-person group training, 1-1 mentorship and virtual resources such as our podcast SUPERVIVE, YouTube channel and digital blog. The program is offered at different venues in the Dallas – Ft Worth area and usually takes place during a period of 6 months, flexible according to our partners’ schedules. The access to group support sessions and the virtual resources are continuously open to all “The Rojo Way” graduates, going beyond the 6 months. “The Rojo Way” has been designed using the Accelerated Learning (AL) Methodology, based on how humans naturally learn: total learner involvement, collaboration among peers & contextual learning.

What is your ultimate goal for your nonprofit?

Our vision is to see Hispanic cancer rates in America drop through our efforts on wellness education and promotion of healthier lifestyles.
Today, cancer is the leading cause of death among Latinos living in the US, and 1 in 3 Latinas living in the US will be diagnosed with cancer (American Cancer Society, 2018). With more than 1 million Latino women in North Texas, Rosa Es Rojo is part of the solution for a healthier community and economy.

-Aideé Granados, Founder and CEO of Rosa es Rojo, Inc.