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2019 IGNITE Office Space Contestant, Data Ready

Official 2019 IGNITE Office Space Contestant, Dr. Angel Durr with DataReady

Year Established: 2019

Outreach Type: Career Training and Exposure

Give a brief history of your nonprofit’s story. Please include how and why it was established, and who has been involved.

Dr. Durr founded DataReady DFW in summer 2019. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the organization. She earned a PhD in Information Systems in December 2018.
Dr. Durr started DataReady DFW after her own experiences as a female minority Data Scientist. She grew up in a single parent household with a parent who was in and out of incarceration.
Dr. Durr believes the high cost to entry in Data Science and STEM in general is a barrier for many in undeserved populations. She is dedicated to increasing diversity to move the Data Science profession forward as a discipline.
https://datareadydfw.org/stats this page includes all the statistics around why we do what we do.

What outreach or services does your nonprofit offer?

The mission of DataReady is to help grow data and data science knowledge among DFW area residents, especially minorities, women, and low income individuals. We work with individuals of all ages including K-12 and adults through both long term hands on project based training as well as individual events. The data science skill set offers an alternative to traditional vocations often presented as alternatives to college entry to low income individuals. We cover a variety of topics within the data science umbrella including but not limited to data analytics, data visualization, data management and CRM administration. We aim to teach area residents’ all about data, including data science and data literacy, and provide skills to high school students and adults that are potentially immediately transferable to salaried careers upon program completion. By providing K-12 students and other DFW residents job ready skills we hope to help combat the growing student loan debt epidemic among United States residents and aid in breaking the cycle of poverty in the underrepresented minority, female, and low-income communities within areas of the DFW.

What is your ultimate goal for your nonprofit?

The vision of DataReady DFW is that the DFW metroplex will have a robust, diverse, and data driven generation entering the workforce in the coming years. Our goal is that the DFW will become a city known both nationally and globally for its specialized data talent and skilled workforce. Whether our students intend to enter a specialized data professional career or have other career goals in mind, our hope is that all individual who participate in our program will have the data skills and knowledge necessary for a data driven professional future. I would love to hire a full time staff and eventually scale operations across the nation working directly with the department of labor to partially fund our operations.

– Dr. Angel Durr, founder and director of DataReady