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IGNITE Office Space Contestant, Telos Education

Official 2019 IGNITE Office Space Contestant, Arthur Donovan with Telos Education

Year Established: 2019

Outreach Type: Adult Education

Give a brief history of your nonprofit’s story. Please include how and why it was established, and who has been involved.

Our non-profit came out of left field, but the last major catalyst that started our story was an emotional uproar during an MBA class. The consensus from the class was the MBA program wasn’t generating many real life or real business skills. Now we shared a similar view point and wanted to create a curriculum geared for the current era.

Now I’ve studied self-improved as a passion project for sometime and have come to understand that achieving personal goals comes down to just a few simple steps. Identify your current location (introspection), research what skills, efforts, people and tasks need to be acquired on your journey toward this goal, apply a strategy, learn from any failures, reassess and try again.

We are currently creating a library of online content that adults can enjoy and relate to. Our goal is to offer insight on how to build any skill set and the confidence to overcome any obstacle. We would also like to create a community and platform so the community as well as contributors and connect and help each other navigate life as one’s on worthy ideal.

What outreach or services does your nonprofit offer?

We offer online tutorials and classes that may gain utility from the skills they learn in order to chose the life they want to live.

What is your ultimate goal for your nonprofit?

Our ultimate goal is to integrate or replace our work into institutional learning. Instead of being force fed facts to memorize, we believe it’s progressively better to teach students how to problem solving, proper research skills, networking, communication, long-term thinking, compartmentalizing, framing as well as emotional intelligence.

– Arthur Donovan, Managing Director of Telos Education