Commercial Office Space & Real Estate has existed as a relatively closed off, difficult to understand process for decades, limiting the availability of Class A space to only the largest and most valuable companies.

Essentially, landlords struggle to lease office space to smaller tenants or shorter term lengths because the investment to build is so heavy, they simply can’t make the economics work. To protect themselves even further, they’ve created lease documents that are incredibly one-sided and erroneous to any business that can’t afford the time or legal investment in negotiating the terms well. Which is most companies, because nobody got into business to negotiate leases, they got into business to do business. Any lease they sign will be the only one for 5 – 10 years and that’s it.

Innovative workspace providers like WorkLodge, have blossomed because we’ve been able to address the issues both sides face, while creating a win-win environment that helps everybody be more successful. This is because modern companies face a business environment that has changed rapidly, and continues to evolve at breakneck speed. Today, companies need:

  • Simple terms and clear language without erroneous penalties.
  • Flexibility to grow as needed, without needing to relocate.
  • Full service solutions that take care of the day to day so they can focus on business rather than become facilities managers.
  • Enterprise tier connectivity and technology, even if they aren’t able to make the investment themselves.
  • Prime, Class A locations even if they don’t need a full floor or can’t sign a 10-15 year lease, because they still want the best for their business and brand.
  • Alternative work locations for some of their team which is simply impossible under a typical, traditional lease.
  • Their teams in environments that inspire, delight and connect their people with other businesses (research shows that poor working environments fuel employee churn).

Flexible workspace providers like WorkLodge address all these needs, providing incredible value and overall cost savings when compared to traditional office space. The cost savings actually increase the larger the team placed. Combined with the flexibility of multiple locations in different cities and / or States, all able to provide service within hours of a need arising, the overall solution is simply unrivaled when compared to the alternatives.

Additionally, most flexible providers will outline fixed pricing the remove the unpredictability of Common Area Maintenance charges, Cumulative or Compounding increase, yearly reconciliations etc. so companies can truly budget, and plan for future growth with accuracy and dependability. We’re able to do this because we do negotiate leases for a living, negotiating multiple leases per year, every year and as a result, we’re able to avoid the pitfalls while working with Landlords to help them meet their needs and objectives in a way that’s conducive to our business model.

Although, some flexible workspace providers do still allow for escalations or some other form of increase, they should be outlined and pre-set.

Being able to walk in, plug in and work within 15 minutes at a fully managed, full service, flexible workspace that provides a premium, professional, fully furnished environment is something that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. Today, there are many providers who all focus on different things, and approach their office space solutions in a different way. Ultimately, it comes down to who you connect your brand with…

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