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WorkLodge Member Spotlight: Theresa Parker with Texas Polka News!

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We met Theresa earlier this year when she moved into WorkLodge – Vintage Park. You can tell Theresa’s office apart because of all the fun, interesting  things on her bookshelf. You’ll catch Theresa at WorkLodge networking events and enjoying lunch on the patio when she’s not working hard on her website or newspaper. Let’s get to know her a little bit!

Who are you? What’s your company? How long have you been in business?

Theresa Parker, native Houstonian, U of H grad in journalism, spent 30+ years writing for corporations’ communications departments. I run Polkabeat inc. which owns and Texas Polka News. I started 10 years ago in tribute to my dad, a polka lover. My heritage is Czech and German so I grew up going to polka dances. I bought the Texas Polka News newspaper in 2014, so I have been publishing it for five years. The paper actually started in 1987, so we recently celebrated the 30th anniversary.

What does your company do?

Promotes polka – the bands, the dance halls, the dancers, the heritage.

How does your office at WorkLodge help your business? How has your business grown since you’ve been a member?

I have become more productive without the distractions I found at my home office. Being more productive means I have more time to reach out to potential advertisers and subscribers. I just published the paper’s 5th Annual Oktoberfest Guide – the biggest issue yet with 40 pages and several new advertisers, including two festivals outside of Texas!

Texas Polka News

Check out the 5th Annual Octoberfest Guide Theresa was talking about at

What’s your favorite WorkLodge feature/benefit?

The outdoor patio – it’s a great place to meet clients or friends for lunch, or just have lunch on my own.

What’s an unexpected perk to having an office at WorkLodge?

Water infused with fruit or cucumber – cucumber is my fave.

We’re so grateful to have you as a part of the WorkLodge community, Theresa. Polka On!

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