National Book Lovers List - WorkLodge

Last week was National Book Lover’s Day so we asked WorkLodge Members about their favorite books.
It turned out to be so much fun that we thought we’d check in with the WorkLodge Community Team to get their recommendations.

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to add some of these titles to your reading list!

Vince Bautista, WorkLodge Community Team (Houston, TX)
A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards

“It’s a dual story about an old king and young king, then the 2nd part is that young king now old and a new young king. It shows the difference in ourselves when we wear our talents and accomplishments like a robe and do not let it affect our heart to truly change who we are from the inside out. Then shows when we ought to allow our inner failings and pain to bring out the great potential we have from our God-given abilities. And once we do that, we can be great! But there is an evil inside and around that tries to bring us down and we need to fight to rise above and be better for not just ourselves, but everyone.”

Devon Hudson, WorkLodge Marketing Guru
Business by the Book by Larry Burkett

It’s a great book with lots of advice on how to be successful, while keeping your integrity.

Chad Kanyer, WorkLodge Community Team (Dallas, TX)

Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

This book actually rewires your brain into being positive, grateful, and effective in sales– and for the right reasons.

Christina Nieves, WorkLodge Community Team (Houston, TX)

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

I had to read this book in my 10th grade language arts class and at that age it was so just empowering reading about another woman journey to both find her voice and advocate for herself. It has always stuck with me and I carry the lessons that I learned from it with me to this day.

Callie Painter, WorkLodge Community Team (Houston, TX)

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling


I firmly believe everyone should read Harry Potter. The stories start out as children’s books, progress to Young Adult literature, and by the end of the series are full blown adult novels. Harry Potter speaks eloquently about injustice, racism, bias, and the power of finding your own value. It taught me that every hero can be deeply flawed and every flawed person has the ability to be heroic. Ugh, just go read them already (the movies don’t count)!

Kristen Pond, WorkLodge Community Team (Houston, TX)

The Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park

I used to dress up like Junie B. Jones B. Jones when I was a kid! I had drawn on freckles and everything. Junie had so many different stories! Mysteries, silly stories, etc. She was spunky!

It taught me that I could be myself no matter how spunky.

Michelle Slater, WorkLodge Community Team (Houston, TX)

The Wandering Gene and The Indian Princess by Jeff Wheelwright

It’s a great book about a very young Hispanic woman in either Colorado with breast cancer. Her entire family, both males and females, have issues with breast, cervical, and prostate cancers. This got the attention of a geneticist and he began investigating both her ancestry and the city’s history. You get a great lesson in genetics as well. It turns out, her gene of cancer is related to a gene found in Jewish people. So it was very interesting watching him discover the story of how this was possible. She refused to do treatment and died fairly young.

Linda Thakur, WorkLodge Co-Founder
Six Hours, One Friday By Max Lucado

This book really did change my life when I read it. It is about the true meaning of Jesus’ last hours on the cross and how through His death my life has purpose and meaning. The three sections are “My Life is Not Futile”, “My Failures are Not Fatal” and “My Death is not Final”.  I have never read a book since that has stirred my soul like this one. In fact, I’m going to read it again!

Mike Thakur, WorkLodge Founder
Setting the Table by Danny Meyer

This is an incredible book around hospitality and customer service. Just amazing to read someone’s story and how they follow their passion, touch people’s lives each day but do it with intentionality.

Alejandro Venegas, WorkLodge Connectivity Wizard

1984 by George Orwell

I love dystopian stories, and it’s like the best one. This book is very ahead of its time, and has one of the most realistic romances I’ve read in a dystopian story, not to mention it was the main influence for an album by my favorite band

Paul Zinn, WorkLodge Community Team (Dallas, TX)

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

My father and I read this book together when I was young, and then I lost him to cancer when he was 52. Every time I re-read this book, I am reminded of the best parts of my father, I am also reminded of how to be a good man, and eventually father for my children one day!

Happy Reading! We hope you enjoy, happy national book lovers day!