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HP Case Study: Enterprise Solutions

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A catastrophic storm left one of Houston’s largest enterprise companies without access to their facilities

Immediate workspace was needed for at least 100 key employees

Potential product delays and lost revenues


WorkLodge provided fully managed, collaborative and private Office Space for approximately 100 key HP employees with immediate move-in

The Details

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast with record breaking rainfall and catastrophic flooding leaving Houston and the surrounding communities structurally and emotionally devastated in the days and months following. Businesses that suffered damage to property scrambled to relocate and rebuild, many of them unable to recover their productivity as a result. Following the hurricane, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Hewlett Packard Inc., two of Houston’s largest enterprise corporations, were without a building safe enough for their employees to enter and without space to continue business as usual.

HP’s teams needed to be up and operational as soon as possible, however, after taking in millions of gallons of water to the ground floor of their facilities building access was impossible and they were in immediate need of a new location from which key teams and individuals could continue working. It was crucial that HP find an office solution as quickly as possible – one that was nearby for the benefit of their employees – and find one in keeping with their culture as a leading edge, tech-based company. After scouting multiple locations around the Greater Houston area, HP’s corporate broker CBRE, along with their Silicon Valley based facilities team approached WorkLodge after learning that none of our WorkLodge locations had been adversely affected by the hurricane.

Nearly 100 HP employees moved into workspaces between our two, north Houston WorkLodge locations – Vintage Park in northwest Houston, and The Woodlands, north of Houston. Conveniently, WorkLodge in The Woodlands is less than 2 miles away from the new HP Inc. campus currently under construction. Our business continuity service meant HP personnel could ‘Walk In, Plug In and Work’ within 15 minutes. Our fully furnished, fully managed workspace provided everything they needed to succeed, including workstations, furniture, enterprise grade high-speed internet, parking, and even a pretty fun slide in the Vintage Park location.

WorkLodge’s impressive array of amenities and dedicated staff took care of the details allowing HP’s teams to focus on business with ease and total peace of mind. By having space immediately available , WorkLodge was able to provide disaster relief to one of our community’s strongest businesses. The opportunity to provide the support HP needed during this difficult times is just one way WorkLodge demonstrates our guiding principles of Reimagining Workspace and Changing Lives. While HP’s teams had plenty to worry about (completing project deadlines, taking care of their homes and families in the aftermath of the storm, etc.), The WorkLodge team was eager and able to step in and furnish a secure, creative, and efficient work environment. For us, it was a privilege to serve HP and ease their stress.

Until their facilities reopened, our HP friends used office space and amenities seven days a week for approx. six months WorkLodge has the capability and resources at every location to support large corporations, whether for remote teams or in disaster recovery and business continuity situations, even offering a retainer based, guaranteed seat based workspace solution that ensures you’ll always have space, prioritized above others in the event of a catastrophic event.

By securing workspace with us, you have the peace of mind that in the event of an emergency, you can rely on our team, fast and flexible agreements, flexible workspaces and complete concierge support.

Feedback from HP Team Members:

“Having impromptu meetings with my team and non-HP folks and walking through the space on the phone has been great for productivity and morale.” – Division Director

“I love working here more than my old office, because of the closeness of the people and connectivity of being able to interact with other companies beyond our own.” – Senior Level Executive Admin

“Getting out of the cubicle environment and into the open collaborative space took some getting used to, but it has been great now that I have been here. I am not looking forward to going back to my cube!” – HP Employee

“The big advantages have to be the convenience of the parking! One minute to my car is fantastic; on our HP campus it is at least 15! And all the eating options within walking distance is great.” – HP Employee

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