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In spring of 2019, Journey came in for a tour at WorkLodge so she could learn what she needed to budget in the coming months when she started her own business. Shortly after that tour she heard about IGNITE By WorkLodge – our start-up competition – and decided to apply. It’s a good thing she did – Journey and her partner, Logan, won after an impressive five-minute pitch to our panel of judges!

Since that time they’ve settled on a company name (they won IGNITE By WorkLodge under the name EAP: Exemplary Aquatic Professionals), gotten moved into their office, and started making a splash.

You’ve been at WorkLodge for a few weeks now – how does it feel?
It feels great! The amount of support we have been shown during our start-up process has been so appreciated. Building a new company is a challenge but having a community you are integrated in with like-minded people is encouraging and motivating.

Tell us about yourself and your company – who are you? How do you change lives?
Sunny Days Pool Management is a new company in the long-standing Aquatic Management market. Coming from a background in the industry- seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly- we are paving a new way for the industry to operate that puts an emphasis on quality training and investment in staff that develops strong customer relationships keeping community pools safe and fun.

What are you most excited about regarding your office at WorkLodge?
We are excited for all the networking opportunities that a work community makes available. It has been neat getting to meet people from different fields of work and finding ways to benefit each other. WorkLodge is a unique environment of small businesses supporting small businesses.

What kind of opportunities does an office at WorkLodge provide for Sunny Days Pool Management and its future?
We have already found so many opportunities while at the WorkLodge. Some include business connections, community resources, and advice from people who started out just like us.

What are your goals for the next year?
Our goals are to build our brand (Shout-out to Casi Ari! [their marketing firm]), build up our client-base starting in September, and make an impact on our local community in the Aquatics work that makes pools and aquatic attractions a safer place for everyone.

How can WorkLodge and our Members help you achieve these goals?
Connect with us! If you live in a neighborhood that has a community pool, you could be our foot in the door for facilities that emphasize a priority on safety and customer care. If you don’t, connect with us anyways! Knowledge is power; lets share our knowledge and build a better community. Book recommendations are excellent too.

WorkLodge is a very engaging workplace with lots of different businesses networking with and getting to know each other. How do you think this kind of environment will benefit you and your company?
Our market is special in that clients are solely obtained through word of mouth. The more people we meet, the better chance we have of shaking hands with the “right” people (HOA Members).

How do you think you and your company will impact WorkLodge and our Members?
We hope to bring awareness to the community at WorkLodge. Most Houstonians think “floating the river” counts as knowing how to swim. I won’t stand on my soapbox now, but I highly encourage everyone to check out what the Center for Disease Control has to say about drowning here. Lifeguarding is the first line of defense against accidental drownings in the public setting, but what can be done about at-home pools, bathtubs, sinks, etc.? Life saving skills are not just for professional rescuers, but everyone. In the Fall of 2020, we would like to start offering community courses so that community members can learn important life-saving skills.

What is your company’s slogan or promise?
Leading the industry in Safety, Quality, and Customer Care.

We’re so excited to have Journey, Logan, and Sunny Days Pool Management here at WorkLodge and to be a part of your story! Their gorgeous new website will be unveiled soon, but in the meantime you can reach Sunny Days Pool Management via email here: