Office Space Member Enjoli Productions - WorkLodgeWe met Cynthia Nixon when she was an IGNITE By WorkLodge Start-Up finalist in April of 2019. Cynthia only had five minutes to tell the crowd and panel of judges about herself and her company, Enjoli Productions, but that was enough to be declared a winner.

Now that’s Cynthia’s had a chance to move into her new office at WorkLodge, we wanted to get to know her and Enjoli Productions even better. We sent her this questionnaire and, as we expected, her answers did not disappoint!

You’ve been at WorkLodge for a few weeks now – how does it feel?

It’s been great! The team is so nice and everyone in this whole space is friendly. I love it here and each day I think, “WOW! I won this. I am forever grateful!!” God is so good and this is a gift I am cherishing so much.

Tell us about yourself and your company – who are you? How do you change lives?

Me: Late entrepreneurial bloomer but always have had my hand in something in this business thing starting at age 12 with the “Doo-Wops” singing telegram business. I’ve never really followed the “norms” of society when it comes to timelines: College grad at 42. Married at 35. Started my family at 36. Just proves that when the time is right, the right things will happen.

Enjoli Productions: This company is a collective of talented photographers who make everlasting memories for couples all over Texas on their BEST.DAY.EVER! This company will be changing lives by delivering exceptional service to booked couples and giving them incredible memories from their day. For our photographers, we will be incorporating a training and mentor program where we “raise up” photographers to serve on our team. This will be reaching into communities where opportunities are not as fluid as big cities, underprivileged, veterans and others needing a chance to grow their creative sides.

What are you most excited about regarding your office at WorkLodge?

Where do I start!?!? 1) Having a professional atmosphere to function at my highest level (this means no barking dogs, laundry staring me down, my endless pantry and fridge opportunities, UPS knocks on the door, etc.). 2) I am loving that I can type, “Come see in my office right here in The Woodlands”. Man, that is just over the top swankalicious. 3) My mind is racing when my teams are formed for how training will go in these gorgeous conference rooms. 4) Setting up meetings with couples and their parents will now be a piece of cake. No doubt they will be impressed with these surroundings!

What kind of opportunities does an office at WorkLodge provide for Enjoli Productions and its future?

Having a place that I can bring new staff as I grow, that represents a professional atmosphere in a very convenient location, will help me continue on my expansion path outside of Texas sooner than later. Also, being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs is fabulous. I feel like if I need to vent, get advice or figure something out, I’m surrounded by people who have walked this journey. Something about not being alone makes it feel so much better!What are your goals for the next year?
For 2019, my goal is to book about 100 hundred weddings throughout Texas and start a photographer training program in the Talent Enclave by the last quarter. For 2020, continue strong on bookings and set up the Enjoli Launchpad for training new photographers.

How can WorkLodge and our Members help you achieve these goals?
What I really need most is an accountability partner. Sometimes my fear stands in front of me like a freight train and I need somebody to help remember it’s just a mystical illusion, a Boggart, that I can simply say “Riddikulus” to and carry on. I can run anybody’s else show like a boss but my own? Beep beep. I ride the struggle bus.

How do you think you and your company will impact WorkLodge and our Members?

Boy, I sure hope I impact them by showing them an old(er) woman can start her dream late(r) in life and kick some booty! I SUPER LOVE encouraging people. People amaze and each of us has something spectacular to share with the world. Sometimes people can’t see that in themselves and it costs me zero to share some love with them.

We can’t wait to watch Cynthia and Enjoli Productions continue to grow and flourish! If you want to see her in person, feel free to stop by our WorkLodge – Woodlands location at 25700 I 45 North, Suite 400, The Woodlands, TX 77386 to say hello!