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3 Keys to Building Your Dream – Lessons from America’s Got Talent

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Lessons from Kodi Lee Americas Got Talent - WorkLodge

I’m not a fan of reality TV. It’s probably just me but I just don’t ‘get’ so many of the shows. Truman show, EdTV, it’s one of those 2 movies that I blame for it all. That said, there’s something about ‘real’ TV that’s different because it brings stories to life, creates a platform for dreamers and ultimately inspires, motivates and challenges.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the YouTube clip of Kodi Lee, a contestant on America’s Got Talent just a few days ago. I heard the gossip, the news, about this 22 year old guy who received the first of the magical ‘Golden Buzzers’ for this year’s contest. What I missed however was the real story behind why he captured so many people’s hearts and why this translates to Entrepreneurship.

1. Kodi found his dream, at a young age, and pursued it.
He was 6 years old when he realized he had a love for music. It was his outlet, his passion and his drive that took him from that place to the stage, in front of millions only 16 years later. When you find your dream, that thing that you think about while awake in the middle of the night or the idea that just won’t go away, it’s time to feed it, to test it and try it out in bite sized chunks to see if just maybe, you’ve got the capability and skill to take it from a dream and turn it in to something more.

2. Kodi had support.
‘It takes a village’, is a phrase often heard but rarely misspoken. Even in business, it takes more than one person to take a dream and make it real. Look around at who you know, who you’ve got in your corner that you can lean on. Whether it’s practical help, emotional support, financial investment or something else, more often than not there are people close by that believe in you and will believe in your dream if you’re willing to share it. You may get some way on the journey alone, but you’ll get a whole lot further together.

3. Kodi worked hard.
No-one that watched his performance has any doubt in their mind that Kodi had to work for his skill. It clearly didn’t come easily, or naturally, yet he overcame the challenges and pushed through the difficult times to develop the skills needed to excel at his passion. Nothing worth having comes easy. Nothing that comes easy is worth having.

Kodi’s dream it turns out, wasn’t big enough. As a young boy growing up I’m sure he dreamed of being on stage in front of hundreds, maybe thousands but most likely never millions. At last count his performance on YouTube exceeded 300m views!

Whatever your dream, don’t limit yourself by what you think is possible, stretch beyond to aim higher, dream bigger, and then start planning the steps and milestones needed to get there. You might think it’s impossible, but I’m guessing Kodi did too. As a 6 year old, with Autism, who was blind, but loved performing.

Be Amazing!


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