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Member Spotlight: Glenn Kramer!

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Office Space Member Glenn Kramer - WorkLodge

It’s Tuesday at WorkLodge which means it’s time for some Lodger Love!

Meet WorkLodge – Vintage Park Member, Glenn Kramer. Glenn has a long background in financial IT security, specifically for banks. You can always count on Glenn to have interesting stories and a gorgeous, vintage Ford waiting for him in the parking lot.

In the three and a half years Glenn has been a WorkLodge Member, he has grown his business (Network Security Solutions), sold that business, and started a new one (Unisec)!

So Glenn, what originally brought you to WorkLodge?

I had been at my old workspace for 15 years and when it was bought out it went downhill.  When I walked into WorkLodge over three years ago I thought I wouldn’t fit in and honestly came to poke fun and see how the “next generation office” looked. I said I would give it 30 days and I have been here ever since.

What surprised you when you first came to WorkLodge?

Even though I’m not the target demographic, as it turned out, it’s an incredible environment to actually do work.

How so?

It’s a perfect combination of collaboration and privacy. You’re with like-minded people who are trying to accomplish something, but you also have your own space when you need it. Other places don’t have the privacy factor when it is needed and it is very important. This place is the ideal combination of the two.

What’s your favorite part about the WorkLodge experience?

The environment and the people.

Back at you, Glenn. We love having you here too. Thanks for being a part of the WorkLodge community!

Come say hello to Glenn and see what WorkLodge is all about – Schedule a Tour!

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