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Your Employees Hate their Commute to Work. Here’s a Simple Solution.

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  • Post last modified:December 18, 2019
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Coworking Space the best solution for Houston Traffic - WorkLodge

A recent article from the Houston Business Journal revealed that Houston is the second most expensive commute in the country.

The article references a study from that measured how much workers will spend on vehicle operating costs and how many miles commuters will drive in a lifetime. The average lifetime cost for commuting in Houston? $174,314.


And that’s just the financial cost. It doesn’t factor in the emotional and physical cost. No one loves sitting in a car that long, inching through congested traffic every day. It can easily make your employees unhappy about coming to work. They carry that frustration with them in the door every day and leave with a sense of dread knowing they’re heading right back into it.

There is a solution, however.

Coworking Space.

Now, we’re not suggesting you move your entire company to a coworking space. However, since there are multiple coworking spaces in and just outside of Houston, you can provide your employees a closer place to come to work that eliminates the frustration of a long commute.

At WorkLodge, for example, we have two coworking spaces just North of Houston – where many people commute from – and a new location coming soon in downtown. They are easy to access, just off of main thoroughfares, and they help reduce commuting time by providing a place for your employees to work that is closer to home.

It’s not just the frustration of driving long distances that you’ll eliminate. You’ll also be giving your employees a place to work with a built in community and a ready-made culture of productivity and growth. At WorkLodge, for instance, our members consistently report increased productivity and revenue as a result of coming here. With an increase in suburban population growth, it only makes sense to prepare for the future with an enjoyable place to work outside of the urban crowdedness.

The Next Workforce Generation

This also opens the door for other benefits to the long-term growth of your company. Today’s business landscape shows a continuous growth of a contingent workforce. This includes freelancers, independent professionals, and remote workers. The next generation of workers are drawn to more flexible work, vibrant culture, and better work-life balance, even over better pay. As your company shifts to meet these changing demands of the marketplace, a coworking space is the perfect solution.

What about larger corporations making moves in favor of coworking space? Steve King, a partner at Emergent Research says, “Coworking has historically appealed to startups and independent workers. Now what we’re seeing is a third group finally starting to come in, the larger corporations…What’s happening with the enterprises is they’re recognizing they have a base need for traditional space but that they also rent way too much space under these 10-year lease agreements. What they’re starting to realize is that it’s cheaper and more flexible to have their base need filled then, above that, rent flexible space which increases their business flexibility and agility.”

A coworking space can make a huge difference in your business. Save your employees the hassle of a frustrating commute, provide a place for your growing independent workforce, and position your company to grow into the future. We’d love to show you how a coworking space can help your company grow and make your employees happier. Schedule a tour at one of our convenient locations and come find out what the future of business looks like. We hope to see you soon.