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2018 IGNITE by WorkLodge Winner, We See Abilities

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2019 Nonprofit Office Space Giveaway - WorkLodge

WorkLodge’s beginnings grow from one man’s desire to provide a space that would result in life changing ventures for new and upcoming entrepreneurs.  WorkLodge’s owner Mike Thakur is interested in changing lives, not just running a business.  And what a better start to that idea of changing lives than to give that opportunity to a new and upcoming nonprofit?

WorkLodge’s first pitch night followed Gabriel Week which highlighted The Gabriel Foundation, Mr. Thakur’s own non-profit organization, which builds homes and provides schooling for orphaned children in India. The driving motivation for pitch night was to grant one very deserving non profit the chance to have their own office space for the year to focus on growth and developing their company to its max potential.

We See Abilities’ moving and touching story begins with founder, Mythiquer Pickett. “I’m the product of an abandoned home, shared Mythiquer. “My example of love was my mother leaving me on the side of the freeway”.  Despite his tragic and heartbreaking beginnings, Mythiquer blossomed forth with a humble heart that overflows with generosity, compassion and a desire to help and serve. His non-profit We See Abilities is completely committed to helping and making the world a little better for special needs people in and around the Houston area. They have made an exemplary effort to create a program that places the special needs community in a positive position to grow while breaking down the social astigmatism between those with disabilities and those without. We See Abilities creates events and opportunities with the idea of all activities, all abilities united as one.

Mythiquer’s passion for his business shone through at WorkLodge pitch night where he competed with other very deserving non-profits for a chance to win a year of office space. His thoughtful speech and humble gratefulness for winning touched all and brought many to tears.

So, what can we expect from our new lodgers? For starters, we hope to see how We See Abilities grows and flourishes beyond their means during their time with us.

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