PRESS RELEASE: Local Workspace with a Mission is giving away office space for a year to one worthy, local non-profit.

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October 12, 2018 | Houston, Texas 

“Transformational coworking company is focusing on giving back in a big way.” 

WorkLodge, a local coworking space that “changes lives” is announcing its first annual “Gabriel Week”, a weeklong initiative to give to those less fortunate in a powerful way. As part of its mission to “be generous”, WorkLodge is giving one non-profit organization free office space for a year.  

WorkLodge’s primary non-profit partner, The Gabriel Project, is an organization with a mission to help the ones that have been forgotten by society, both locally (in our own communities) and beyond (around the world). While building orphanages in third world countries – with plans to build more, the Gabriel Project is flying the flag to bring more awareness, while encouraging others to give back in their communities.  

At first glance, WorkLodge may seem like another premium coworking office space with unique Google-office-like amenities. Take a closer look into the business and talk to its founder, Mike Thakur, and you’ll notice something completely unique – and rare: a deep sense of purpose. While many companies operate with a core vision and mission in mind, WorkLodge taps into something deeper, a mission that is almost tangible when you walk in the door. 

“I love working here more than my old office because of the closeness of the people and being able to interact with other companies beyond our own.” – Senior Level Executive Admin, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise 

The sense of community at WorkLodge is not by accident. With an intentional focus on its core values (Being Authentic. Generous. Humble. Passionate and Bonkers.), everything at WorkLodge, including the staff, creates an environment that encourages those in it to think beyond themselves. It is in that spirit that WorkLodge, in partnership with the Gabriel Project, is hosting this contest for non-profits. 

At WorkLodge, we’re all about partnering with others to do something bigger. Our goal has always been to lead by example and truly transform the lives of the people we help. By funding a private office suite for a year, our goal is to allow the chosen non-profit the freedom to focus on their meaningful work in an environment designed for growth.” – Mike Takur, CEO & Founder, The Work Lodge 

To learn more about the contest, or to enter to win, visit To learn more about The Gabriel Foundation, visit 

Mike Thakur – Phone: (844) 967-5563,,