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If you are responsible for project management, this post is for you!.

Making and repeating mistakes is part of being human. No matter how careful we are, some mistakes still tend to happen, due to dependence on factors that are not always in our control. But, its our ability to learn from those mistakes is really what helps us grow and learn.

Not all mistakes are the same however, and some have far greater consequences. This is especially true with project management. As a single mistake can not only affect the timelines and delay a project, but even result in complete project failure in a worst case scenario.

Now, not all projects are the same and every project does bring it’s own challenges and complexities alongside, and hence the type of mistakes can also vary. But there are some common project management mistakes that have a high chance of occurring in all types of projects. The infographic below lists down those very mistakes.

Thanks to our friends at Zoe Talent Solutions for this guest post!


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