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Concierge Team: New Titles, Same Service

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Just hearing about the Concierge Team? We’ve recently made some big changes to some of the titles we use.

One of the things we work hard to develop in our team is a deep sense of serving… Serving our Members, to truly deliver the ‘Exceptional Experiences’ we strive to create along with serving each other, to raise the team’s level so that we can perform more efficiently and more successfully for our Community.

We’ve wrestled with the many different way’s we communicate this. Something that’s always stood out as a little ‘off’ for us were the titles our team used. This is why, as of a week ago, we’ve renamed our front of house team to more closely align their titles with the perception we want our Members to have.

Introducing WorkLodge Concierge Team

We chose ‘Concierge’ because it conveys more than just a receptionist when thinking about a person at the front desk. We like ‘Concierge’ because it communicates a more caring, more thoughtful personality than a ‘Host or Hostess’. We love ‘Concierge’ because it delivers a clear message of individuality, purposefulness and a ‘personal’ focus that ‘Community Manager’ never did.

Although we work for our whole community, in that moment, we’re working for one. You. And so our Concierge Team, along with the Lead Concierge, will continue to fine tune, hone and improve on how we succeed at that.

Will this change the world? Probably not. Will this change your world? We sure think so. Schedule your tour today.

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