The Gabriel Foundation - WorkLodge

WorkLodge and Gabriel Foundation are proud to announce we opened our second home for children’s home in India on December 22, 2017. Through our philanthropic arm, The Gabriel Foundation, we’ve now helped 100 children get off the streets and onto a path of success, in one year! And you’re a part of what made that possible by working here.

Tucked away in a northwest village of India, there now stands a new building that is home to 50 orphans in need of so many of the amenities we take for granted every day. Each child now has somewhere to lay their head at night, nutritional meals every day, full-time house parents, a consistent education, and this time around, a church right next door.

The Gabriel Foundation exists as the connecting bridge between resources and opportunities to better the lives of those who’ve been forgotten, and to love the unloved. From unique situations like Harvey relief to special partnerships with humanitarian charities, WorkLodge infuses a principle of selfless giving in all we do. All our Members, whether they realize it or not, helped contribute to the opening of this second children’s home and for those that went above and beyond, we dollar matched every single dollar to make it go further.

For more information on The Gabriel Foundation, our children’s homes in India or helping locally in one of our several outreach programs, email today.