Christmas Terrier - WorkLodge

Entrepreneurs are notorious hustlers. When it comes time to slow down and take in the season, it can be a challenge.

It never fails. Our locations are full of men and women who thrive in the realm of success. It’s a community of entrepreneurs building their dreams. But in the whirlwind of project managing, sales closing, opportunity seizing and check depositing, it can be easy for “big idea” people to start going through the motions. We know this is a potential danger for our WorkLodge members! As a result, we’ve put together five challenges for you this holiday season. All five have to do with switching off from the daily grind and filling your time off with activities that unleash your potential even more. We want you back in 2018 with “big ideas” that you can share with us on how your businesses, brands and other ventures will thrive in the coming year.

The Reason for the Season

This time of the year, everyone is nostalgic and emotional. Good or bad, this season brings out a lot of positive joy, but also negative stress. It’s important we all take a little time to channel our efforts toward joy (things that give life) rather than stress (things that slow us down from reaching our goals). Maybe these five challenges will help remind us entrepreneurs to focus on the reason for the season, so we can reset and rev up our entrepreneurial engines come January. Enjoy!

1. Be Your Best with Rest

There are some truths that even wildly creative and ambitious entrepreneurs cannot escape. You need sleep, inspiration and continued knowledge to be your best in business. No matter how many hours you blow through working late into the night or how many books you buy but never read, eventually, you’ll hit a plateau on your own personal development. Sure, you’ve done a great job mentoring your team, encouraging your clients and building partnerships, but what about you? This holiday season, shake the dust off a couple of those books you’ve never read and wait for it…read them! Find a podcast about successful living, pick up one of your old creative hobbies like painting or woodworking, and most importantly, get some sleep! We need you well-rested and fully charged when you come back in 2018.

2. Indulge in Your Spoils

You and your team have been relentless in 2017 to sow, cultivate and harvest what you can. What are you left with? Surely, a growing business, but what else? You’re mentally strained, physically exhausted and most likely hyped up on coffee. Just stop! Take a moment to move away from the grindstone and kick back in your favorite chair. Unashamed, take some time to partake in the fruits of your labor. You deserve it. Treat yourself to something special! Responsibly of course and within your own budget restraints, we advise you to go splurge on that new sports car, plan that weekend getaway or at least just go get yourself some froyo. You’ve earned it!

3. Prioritize People First

Don’t forget that what matters most in your life’s story is how you’ve impacted those around you. At WorkLodge, we prioritize people first, and while we are a business, what’s a business for if not to enhance the quality of life of those it touches. Taking a few days off to unplug and unwind allows you to notice those around you a little more intentionally than before. Enjoy intimate time with your family, make time for some paused friendships, or finally get to know your neighbors! Get down to a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter and share kindness with someone you wouldn’t normally. This is the season to spread love and joy, and we all do it better if we’re giving people undivided attention.

4. Answer The Call to Your Higher Calling

Whatever your spiritual beliefs are or aren’t, human beings are always on the search for deeper discovery into what their higher calling is on earth. There just so happens to be something about this season that stirs within us an introspective desire to reinvent our next year with more (relationships, money, adventures, you name it) than we previously had. If it means getting deeper in your own spiritual journey, strengthening relationships with your friends and family or tapping into hidden talents and opportunities for success in the year–you need a chance to answer the call and make your next move.

5. Show Your Clients the Way

While our society says to work until you can’t anymore–day in and day out–you shouldn’t necessarily – yes, even you entrepreneurs. Your clients, more often than not, will respect your discipline to work-life balance and your dedication that you work to live, and not the other way around. By letting them know that you’re taking some time, however short, to completely shut down and enjoy your family, friends, giving back, etc., you’re building productive expectations to better serve your clients in the future. Don’t be afraid to let some clients wait for a moment. The reality is that our to-do lists will never run out; our lives will. Take care of your needs, so you can better serve others.

Just like WorkLodge, your business has great opportunities on the horizon, and you need to be on your A-game to optimize them. Don’t take this holiday in vain. Use it to your full advantage by getting everything out of it you can! Be it spiritual, physical, emotional or just mental, there is major growth and discovery for us all in this holiday break. Happy Christmas and season’s greetings to you and yours!

Be Amazing!

– #TeamWorkLodge