Nonprofit Partner The Gabriel Foundation - WorkLodge

For this Gabriel Foundation update, we thought we’d start off with an 80’s hot song.

Although it’s not 1982 (thanks Bananarama) there’s a song that came out with incredibly simple lyrics.

“It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it, and that’s what gets results”.

Today we officially ‘got results’ for a second time this year as we confirmed, in partnership with the Gabriel Foundation (our non-profit) that our SECOND orphanage for 50 children will officially open in December!

Sure we’re one of the top 10 Coworking spaces in Texas. We might be one of the 7 trendiest workspaces in Houston (thanks for the shout-out Bisnow), but what really lets our DNA shine through, our driver for creating environments that help people build their dreams, is that we’re also interested in doing this for folks that can’t pay us for the privilege. Because they’re just too young.

Helping children is one of the ways we invest in the future of Entrepreneurship. Creating an environment for them to grow, learn and thrive ensuring we mirror the Values we built WorkLodge on, adapting the ‘environment’ to what they need today. In the same way, our business ‘environment’ helps the grown-ups of today build their dreams for tomorrow.

Being Generous is one of the Core Values we’re built on. If you’d like to learn more, partner with us (we’ll dollar match) or even join us for the Grand Opening in India this December, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Making money is one thing. What you do with it is what really matters.

Stay tuned for the next Gabriel Foundation update!