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Be Humble: Core Values Series – Pt. 4

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  • Post last modified:December 23, 2019
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Be Humble.

We celebrate our Members and Coworkers, putting their needs ahead of ours recognizing that this will build an incredible Community.

So often today people are ‘out for themselves’, eager to get ahead no matter who they crawl over to get there. At the Lodge, we wanted to build a different kind of business. One where our team and DNA is ‘out for everyone else’!

We work hard to put the needs of our Members ahead of our own (where possible and practical!), to think of those around rather than simply focusing on ourselves. We support our coworkers and colleagues, working together instead of against each other, understanding that success is a combined effort, not a superstar formula.

You see, we believe in our Community. We believe in what so many of them are building, the jobs they’re creating, and the opportunity they’re bringing. We cheer them on, honored to be along for the ride, and happy to help in whatever way we can.

So do it for others. Be humble.