Be Bonkers 

A little nutty, a little kooky, we’re not limited by what others think. We fight above our weight and think the impossible might just be possible.

Adjective – bon·kers \ ˈbäŋ-kərz , ˈbȯŋ- \

‘Bonkers’ is an Englishism. It means many different things depending on the context but for the most part, being bonkers means you’re out there, crazy, unique and just maybe a little nuts!

We apply this to everything we do at WorkLodge. We know we’re fighting beyond our weight. Our vision is beyond our reach. We want to change the world (!), one community at a time through Entrepreneurship, job creation, business development, by generously giving back and the list goes on.

Will we achieve it all? I don’t know. But we’ll do our best and see how close we get.