Be Generous. 

We think beyond ourselves, giving time to mentor, coach and encourage those around us, while also touching our communities and beyond.

Generosity encompasses so many things. We push hard as a team to be generous with our knowledge and we encourage our Community to do the same. It costs nothing to answer a question, to point someone in the right direction, to help connect them with someone else that can help or any of the other thousands of ways we can do it. The key is that by having a ‘Generous’ mindset, we open up the opportunities to help others and also receive it. Making the WorkLodge world just a little bit better.

We’re embody this core value as a business through our Foundation, giving back to our local communities and beyond through micro-assistance and the building of Orphanages.

Most of all, we give to each other as a team, helping and encouraging, finding ways to lift each other up to succeed instead of simply focusing on ourselves.