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Be Authentic: Core Value Series – Pt. 1

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  • Post last modified:December 23, 2019
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Be Authentic.

We talk about our Core Values a bunch hear at WorkLodge. They are the foundation of everything we do and they all combine to create our overriding goal… To ‘Be Amazing’.

I know, I know, some of you are thinking that’s a little cheesy but humor me for a second. I know it’s a little hyperbolic however, when we hear the stories from our Members of a connection that was made, a business deal that was created, wisdom and insights that were shared or even just a friendship that was born we can’t help but think that in those moments, to those people, a little bit of ‘amazing’ just happened.

It’s tough to cut deals on any given day. It’s even harder to find genuine, experienced business people that will share their wisdom and insights. Within our environment, the Community that we’re building, these things happen, on a regular basis. And so how do we achieve this goal of being ‘Amazing’?

Simple, we follow 5 Core Values in everything we do.

  1. Be Authentic
    We’re genuine, honest and trustworthy. We do the right thing even when no-one is watching understanding that perfection isn’t the goal, excellence is.

We wanted to build a business that does the right thing, that strives for excellence even though we know that is a tough goal to hit. Doing the right thing can mean different things to different people but for us, it means delivering against everything we said we’d do in our agreements and contracts, being fair to our business while also being fair to our Members and as a team, being real and open with each other, working hard to keep that corporate ‘every man out for themselves’ mentality away.