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Finding the Perfect Executive Office Suite

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Executive Office Space Near Me - WorkLodge

Finding a well-equipped, fitting workspace for your growing business can be a challenge. WorkLodge offers affordable executive office suites for professionals in the suburbs of Houston. Read along to explore the many perks of renting an executive suite near your home.

Skip the long commute into the city and join forces with some of the freshest entrepreneurs in the Houston area. Your membership will grant you access to all office staples that you need to be productive. Amongst these are copy machines, printers, and wireless internet. Better yet, you’ll find solace and motivation in this growing community of business professionals. Shared offices are a hot trend for entrepreneurs and it isn’t hard to see why! Affordable, with ample space, and ripe with opportunity, WorkLodge is hard to pass up.

1. Variety

By choosing a workspace you can grow with, you can upgrade without having to commit to a costly move. WorkLodge offers clients a virtual network, communal hot desks, and private offices. All include access to meeting rooms and other generous office commodities.

2. Skip the Long Commute

Commuting downtown often translates to rush hour traffic jams and wasted moments. By finding an executive suite nearby, you can spend more time in the office and less in the car. You’ll save a lot of money on parking, gas, and car maintenance. Having easy access to local highways, airports, and restaurants, makes meeting with clients a breeze.

3. Networking

Monthly luncheons and happy hours provide tenants with the opportunity to connect and chat with like-minded business owners. Forget the isolation of working from home and join the hive!

4. Parking

Parking downtown is expensive and hectic. WorkLodge’s suburban suites offer free parking passes to every member. Forget about paying a monthly garage fee or pathetically scrounging for coins for the meter. At WorkLodge, those days are behind you!

5. Caffeine

It can take a lot of caffeine to get through the daily grind. At WorkLodge, coffee is free all day, every day! If expensive coffee was your entry pass to a seat at a local coffee shop, you know how quickly the bill can add up.

6. Fitness Center

Studies show that physical exercise can benefit the mind and soul. Keep yourself in top condition by frequenting the gym during the work week. WorkLodge offers all clients a 50% discount to Anytime Fitness in Vintage Park.

7. Affordable Rates

By sharing an office space with others, you inadvertently save yourself a ton of money. You can secure yourself a desk in a professional atmosphere for the price of your monthly coffee budget.

8. Distraction-free & Spacious

Conference rooms and shared workspaces offer sizeable space and comfort. Whether you’re looking to host an intimate conference of 2-3 people or a group of 50+, you’re all set! Although working from home may save you money, a desk of your own in a professional setting is free from distractions. Don’t let that pile of dirty dishes or wrinkled clothes beckon you away from your work any longer!

9. Stylish and Official

Make a lasting impression on your clients. With high ceilings, sleek modern furnishings, and brilliant color schemes, WorkLodge is trendy and chic. A personalized mailing address, office space, and meeting rooms will take your budding business to the next level. While working from pajamas may sound alluring, it does nothing to impress clients!

10. Employee discounts

For the small monthly fee of a hot desk at WorkLodge, you’ll be investing in a treasure trove of business benefits! Being part of a cooperative office space comes with more perks than you can imagine. You receive generous gym membership discounts, free concierge service, and additional discounts on Human Resource, web, and legal services.

11. Utilities

Running an office may be the next step in your business plan. Yet, paying for water, electricity, and heat can be difficult when also balancing your personal and business accounts. At WorkLodge, all the essential utilities are already taken care of for you. That means all that is left for you to do is get to work!

12. Wi-Fi

When you are working from home or a local coffee shop, high-speed internet that is reliable is often difficult to come by. At WorkLodge, you’ll have 24/7 access to internet services you can depend on.

Check out WorkLodge’s two stunning locations:

These two locations offer impressive, modern suites that cater to business professionals in the Houston area. Check out the amazing amenities, services, and competitive prices that WorkLodge offers. Join to build your business credibility and start networking immediately!


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