WorkLodge Black is here.

When I was a child my parents liked to travel. Flying was pretty routine for me but one thing I never understood was why some people would pay more to fly in ‘Business’ than ‘Coach’. They arrive at the same place at the same time, it just didn’t make sense.

Then when I was 19, I was flying long haul for the first time on my own. Through nothing more than a simple act of kindness, my connecting airport (Dubai) upgraded me to Business Class for the second leg of my flight. I slept like a baby within 5 minutes of taking off. It’s still a blur to me when the hostess woke me to let me know breakfast was being served and we would be landing soon. Since then I’ve never wondered why, I always knew.

As we began building our new Woodlands location we wanted to incorporate some ‘Extra’ benefits of being a part of WorkLodge community. We developed a new VIP experience and we called it ‘WorkLodge Black’ (yes American Express, we borrowed the idea from you :).

We have a small number of offices in one corridor that are distinct from the rest, for the discerning Entrepreneur and Business Owner. We’ve built them differently and included upgraded benefits. You’ll enjoy:

We genuinely aim to deliver exceptional experiences to ALL of our members so make no mistake, we’re not out to create a second tier of membership. We simply wanted to give folks the option of enjoying additional benefits, in the nicest offices, with the best perks. And don’t worry, we’re WorkLodge, we didn’t dream up crazy prices to do this, just a small bump that’s well worth the extra!

If that sounds like you, set up a tour today as they won’t last long.