If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your small business, then you may be considering an executive office space that specializes in coworking. When starting out, you may want to share a space with other like-minded entrepreneurs. No matter the size or location of the office space, you can always personalize it and make it feel comfortable. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining a beautiful and organized executive office.

Use flowers and plants to lighten your executive office space

Even if you have a small space, you can brighten your area by adding a few flowers or a nice plant. Flowers or plants can really help bring color to the office as well as lighten the mood. If you grow distracted or even bored, a nice plant can help you refocus. The fragrance exhibited by some roses can help elevate your mood, even if you’re having a rough day.

Invest in a small file cabinet in your executive office space

If you need some additional storage, then perhaps purchase a small cabinet. Some cabinets can be stored under or beside the desk. You can store important, sensitive documents in file folders and place them in your cabinet while locking them with a key.

Use equipment that can save space

Instead of a desktop computer, perhaps you should buy a laptop, which can save a great deal of space on your desk. It also allows you to bring your computer to client meetings and even home.

Place a chair or sofa in your office to deal with dead space

If you have some dead space, then perhaps look to bring in a chair or sofa. If you share your office with someone, you could both share the extra chair or sofa, which can be used for visitors.

Use artwork to lighten the room

Even if you have a small space, you can still utilize artwork to lighten your particular area. You can place a nice, colorful, vibrant painting above your desk or on a side wall. You can even utilize other forms of artwork such as a colorful vase or other types of trinkets.

Use magazine racks

If you have a small space, then you may want to hang magazine racks on the walls of your office space. These racks take up relatively no space and can be placed in dead space. If you have a business that produces a lot of paperwork, magazine racks can be extremely useful because they allow you to organize horizontally as well as vertically. You should also look for ways to minimize paper usage, such as creating electronic files or creating an online system that’s paper free.

Try using a stand-up desk

More people are looking to transition from traditional desks to stand-up desks. Experts have suggested that those who stand while working stay more alert during the day. In addition, stand-up desks take up less space within an office compared to traditional ones.

Maximize corners within your office

In your executive office space, you can organize your desk space in an L shape by utilizing the corner space. Not only will it give you more desk space but the right angle will also allow you to have more floor space. With the added area, you can place other items in your executive office such as a chair, file cabinet or table.

Make sure there is enough lighting

Lighting can really transform a drab office space into something that is bright and vibrant. Maximize all natural lighting sources, such as windows or skylights. In addition, you may want to purchase some trendy desk lamps, with colorful lampshades. You can also add additional lighting by bringing in some floor lamps.

Invest in a comfortable chair

If you plan to spend a great deal of time in your office, you should find an ergonomically efficient chair that is comfortable. Even if you purchase a standing desk, you may want to sit down periodically if your legs and feet get tired. If you have something to comfortably sit in, you will be more likely to stay in your office throughout the day instead of leaving early.

Ask a friend for assistance

Even if you’re the most organized and trendy person in the world, you can ask a friend or family member for some input as to how to make your office more comfortable. After setting up your coworking space, ask a neutral party to visit and critique your set up. Are there ways where you can bring out more color? Can you maximize your space more effectively? A neutral party can at times provide you with an alternative perspective.

When operating your own business, there are many benefits to having your own executive office space. You can arrange your office to make it efficient, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. A comfortable office may lead to a higher productivity level, which in turn can permanently boost revenues for your business. In your office, you may want to follow these tips to create a beautiful and organized space.


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