The Top 26 Amazing Startups That Are Coworking in Texas

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Creating A Successful Startup By Coworking in Texas

Coworking is a revolutionary concept where a group of people work in the same office space and use the same office resources even though they may be employed by different organizations. The first official Coworking Space was opened in 2005 by programmer Brad Neuberg in reaction to what he termed ‘unsocial’ business offices which were often isolating and led to decreased production and lack of community. Since then, the concept of coworking has grown at an incredible rate, and it is estimated that over 10,000 spaces are currently operating around the world.

Entrepreneurs looking to launch startups in Texas can take advantage of the many benefits offered by coworking spaces. Choosing to start an enterprise in Texas is one of the better business decisions you can make. Texas is one of the top places around the world for entrepreneurs to create and run a business. Below are just a few reasons why coworking can be an essential tool in creating a successful startup:

Cost savings

One of your biggest headaches as a startup is finding a landlord who charges a reasonable amount of rent. If you’re not careful, high rents can really dig into your bottom line and overhead expenses. Coworking spaces offer lower rents and are even open to renting to you on a month to month basis as opposed to requiring you to sign a long-term lease. Coworking spaces also offer essentials such as WiFi, printers, premium coffee and more so you don’t have to go to the trouble of worrying about the details of operating an office space yourself.

Opportunities to network

Coworking provides you with opportunities to network with like-minded people, giving you access to business insights, additional opportunities and sometimes just someone to act as a sounding board for your ideas. Good networks also help you to stop feeling isolated and can provide energy and motivation on days when you feel overwhelmed.

There are a number of startups that began coworking and are so successful they’re no longer eligible for this list. We capped the startups at launching within the last decade and no more than 50 employees. Here are the top 26 startups in Texas based on revenue, profits, the happiness of employees, online reviews, and length of time in business.

#26 Remark

Remark has built a communication and content management software specifically for video teams. This primarily involves feedback, review, and approval of videos from internal and external stakeholders.

Coworking Space – Chicon Collective, Austin

#25 Scennett

Scennett works with custom home buyers, builders and developers to provide thoughtful, creative plan design and production services for single-family and commercial projects of all sizes.

Coworking SpaceWorkLodge, Houston

#24 Complyify

Despite all the security tech available today, data breaches continue seemingly unabated. Complyify is building a SaaS platform to make continually measuring and managing your security posture within the reach of your business.

Coworking Space – Common Desk, Dallas

#23 Leaseful

Leaseful is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for college subleasing. Students nationwide are forced to sign oppressive year-long leases despite only being at school for part of the year. Whether you’re a student going abroad for a semester or a summer intern looking for housing in the city, they solve your subleasing needs.

Coworking Space – Common Desk, Dallas

#22 Roam

Roam is modernizing and simplifying the world of digital signage. Interactive experiences are the future of technology but often difficult to put into place. Their powerful software platform, curated hardware packages, and hands-on services raise the bar by allowing their clients to focus on their business, not their technology.

Coworking Space – Common Desk, Dallas

#21 Milava

They streamline business functions to make being an adviser easier, more client focused and less time-consuming than previously possible. They provide a wide array of marketing and practice management resources, comprehensive support packages, and customized solutions to help you manage and grow your financial advisory practice.

Coworking Space – Atx Factory, Austin

#20 Games Time Giving

Game Time Giving is a mobile app that allows nonprofit organizations to raise money at sporting events by creating a giving competition between the fans at the event. They are gamifying the giving process.

Coworking Space – The Grove Dallas

#19 Circle Seven Five

Circle Seven Five was created so that women do not have to pay $60-$160 or more to go to a fun and unique event. Many of their events with the same activities and perks included are free. By charging membership dues, they’re able to provide more value for a much lower price point on a more consistent basis. In addition, this allows them to effectively promote a great atmosphere at their events because they’re not open to just anyone.

Coworking Space – Common Desk, Dallas

#18 Guidrr

Guidrr is an on-demand platform to create, publish and share mobile travel guides – built to better connect peer to peer travel influencers & curious travelers.

Using the Guidrr platform, travel micro-entrepreneurs – bloggers, Instagram influencers, peer to peer guides, and hosts – can build & share step by step self-guided travel experiences that earn them direct income and greater influence.

Coworking Space – Nod Coworking, Dallas

#17 URComped

Normally, casinos only give comps like free hotel rooms to players that have already played at that particular property or another casino under the same brand. The casino needs to know what kind of player someone is before they give away free stuff. Makes sense.

URComped changes the game by letting players qualify themselves before they visit. This allows players to be comped on their very first trip.

Coworking Space- Addison TreeHouse

#16 teleCalm

teleCalm has developed the first home phone service around the needs of families living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The teleCalm service provides a total solution; an easy-to-use home phone for the senior and a smartphone app for the caregiver, all connected via a custom cloud telephony service utilizing a rich feature-set designed around the specialized needs of seniors, helping them stay at home longer and making life easier for their families.

Coworking Space – The Grove Dallas

#15 CalcuQuote

CalcuQuote is a comprehensive quote management system for high-mix, low volume electronics manufacturing service companies. By integrating with major component suppliers and using custom labor profiles, CalcuQuote creates a sophisticated request that delivers quotes with unrivaled speed and precision.

Coworking Space – Nod Coworking, Dallas

#14 LASH

Their smartphone app brings restaurant food and alcohol delivered in one order to your door in 60 minutes. All your favorite restaurants along with beer, wine and liquor products at your doorstep. Whether it’s for a party, or simply stocking up, skip the liquor store, avoid lugging around heavy bottles and, above all, don’t drink and drive!

Coworking Space – Addison TreeHouse

#13 Block Party Suites

Block Party Suites is the leader in building fan-driven pop-up communities. Using temporary infrastructure, accompanying services, and strategic partnerships, BPS develops underutilized land at live events.

By re-purposing an abundant supply of unused shipping containers into portable suites, they allow clients to take advantage of the event atmosphere with modern comforts. Their product was designed with connectivity, community, and innovation in mind.

Coworking Space Common Desk, Dallas

#12 Solstice Festival

A grassroots movement is spreading around the globe, cities are bringing in the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year and the first day of the summer – with celebrations of music, peace, love and art.

Solstice Festival is Austin’s rendition of the worldwide festival. Solstice produces concerts at over 30 venues around the city throughout the year.

They have also created – – which booked 1,500 concerts in Austin last year and in 38 cities around the world.

Solstice Festival is all about celebrating local culture. They highlight Austin artists, local food trucks, performers, art vendors, and art installations created in town.

Coworking Space – Dwell Stronger, Austin

#11 Oak and Cypress

A wedding videography service that not only documents your wedding but focuses on bringing out the emotions of the day. Their job is to make your wedding movie elegant, detailed, and personal and they do this with movies that are created with a focus on cinematography.

Coworking Space – Vessel Coworking, Austin

#10 Tivacloud

TivaCloud is the easiest, most comprehensive OSHA & DOT compliance software available today. They help streamline your motor carrier company. Paper pushing and complex filing systems may be what you’re used to, but the time, cost and human error isn’t worth it and is now easily avoidable with their software services.

Coworking Space – WorkLodge, The Woodlands

#9 FanPrint

FanPrint is a Dallas-based eCommerce site for apparel licensed by the NFL Player’s Association, NHL Player’s Association, MLB Player’s Association and many other major sports leagues around the world. Three-time Super Bowl Champion, Darren Woodson, is the company’s Vice President of Business Partnerships and a founding investor along with FanPrint’s CEO, TK Stohlman.

Coworking Space – Common Desk, Dallas

#8 Golden Heart Senior Care

Golden Heart Senior Care understands that there is nothing more important than for a senior to receive the highest quality care to live a fully independent life in the comfort of their home or at an assisted living facility.

They provide in-home non-medical senior care as well as assisted living placement services for those times when you or your loved one can no longer safely stay at home. They offer companion care, home help services, and personal care right in the comfort of your own home.

Coworking Space – WorkLodge, Houston

#7 OnlineMedEd

Technology has pushed medicine forward yet medical education has remained largely the same for decades. OnlineMedEd addresses that problem by providing a platform that trains the next generation of doctors. They provide content available in a variety of learning modalities that, when combined, allows for more efficient and effective learning.

Now they’re expanding the platform for other educators so they can use their methodology and technology to help students get ahead. They believe the future classroom shouldn’t seek to replace universities, but instead, make their jobs easier and facilitate learning. They teach the foundations so these specialists can teach the nuances of education.

Coworking Space – Red Chair Workroom, Austin

#6 InforcePro

InforcePRO is the fastest growing software provider to the life insurance industry and has built an innovative web-based policy monitoring tool that delivers increased revenue and enhanced protection from liability. This is all done while dramatically improving policyholder service.

Coworking Space – Capital Factory, Austin

#5 The Bearded Bastard

The Bearded Bastard was started when Founder Jeremiah Newton had been looking for a way to tame his mustache whiskers and arrived at what would become The Woodsman Mustache Wax. The Bearded Bastard would be founded shortly after as demand began to take off.

Coworking Space – Chicon Collective, Austin

#4 Cataboom

CataBoom is a behavioral marketing engagement platform that can build entire campaigns in minutes. Based on the well-accepted theory of behavioral conditioning, they consistently and instantly reward their client’s desired consumer behaviors until it becomes a new behavior. They utilize responsive game mechanics so it works on any device across any customer touch point.

Because they gamify these rewards, the consumer also gets a dopamine rush and instantly creates brand love. They provide rich data with actionable insights on the back-end for their clients to find new or better ways to connect with their ideal customers.

Coworking Space – Common Desk, Dallas

#3 Velocis

Velocis is a hybrid agency and incubator. They partner with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and enterprises to build amazing products powered by the Internet. Their small but highly skilled team of designers, developers, engineers, and marketers can take any idea from concept to launch and beyond.

Coworking Space – The Grove Dallas

#2 Loop & Tie

Loop & Tie makes it easy to give gifts that are personalized to each recipient’s tastes. Givers send an online card that leads to a unique collection of gift choices, and recipients choose what delights them most. No more guesswork or gifts that go unused – Loop & Tie helps everyone give the right gift every time.

Coworking Space – Atx Factory, Austin

 #1 is a combined form and data management API creation platform, designed for software developers who are building complex “serverless” business process applications for enterprises of all sizes, across multiple business verticals, all around the globe.

They consolidate two difficult, time-consuming, and cost-intensive development processes into one highly efficient process by building complex forms in the application, and by building the data management infrastructure to support them.

Coworking Space – Nod Coworking, Dallas


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