Benefits of Working in the Woodlands

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The Woodlands is one of the nicest suburbs in the Greater Houston area. In fact, The Woodlands was just named No.1 on a Best Cities to Live in America according the Niche. It began as a planned development to bring businesses closer to residents so they could avoid the commute to downtown Houston. This original plan of living, working and playing all within a defined area makes the prospect of coworking in the area an attractive one.

Perfectly planned

The Woodlands is the best master planned neighborhood in Texas. It totals 28,000 acres with a mix of modern architecture and green spaces. With 6,000 acres of green open spaces and trails, this suburban area is a blend of healthy family living, technology, nature and the arts.

Diverse community

The idea of shared office and coworking space in The Woodlands is highly complementary to the DNA of the area. Because of the diverse mix of people living there (culturally, religiously, etc.) the benefits of a communal workplace are strong, feeding off that diversity to create an incredibly unique mix of business owners and Entrepreneurs.

The great living experience of The Woodlands grows into the great experience of working in The Woodlands, even for the smaller companies based there rather than just the Fortune 500 businesses that also call it home. Not least because of the opportunities to work with and partner with these larger organizations.

Newcomers find it easy to quickly blend in, work and live in their new neighborhood.

Economic opportunities

The Woodlands was set up as a work and live community and many businesses have set up shop to take advantage of the opportunity. Big names such as The US Oncology Network, Hewlett-Packard, Fox Network Groups, Baker Hughes, Exxon Mobil and Chevron are in the area. There is a thriving business (and Medical) district that presents opportunities for those looking to start servicing or supplying.

With over 50,000 employees of large corporations in the area, there are also more entrepreneurial opportunities for service businesses such as hospitality, finance, entertainment and others.


With numerous recreational amenities in The Woodlands, residents have outstanding choices in restaurants, retail shopping and entertainment.

Market Street is a popular area with shoppers and the local ‘trolley’ helps locals explore the area along with the cruise boat on the Waterway. You’re not going to find a more original way to get around while shopping.

Nearby, the Sam Houston National Forest borders the 22,000 acre Lake Conroe which isn’t just a popular place for water sports such as jet skiing and swimming, it’s also a popular place to live with Master planned developments of its own such as Bentwater.

Other recreation facilities include a 40-acre water park, multiple golf courses and Country Clubs (such as The Woodlands Country Club and Bentwater Country Club) along with a racing school.

Shorter commute

Working from shared offices such as coworking or private Office Space providers brings other benefits too. The decreased stress and lost travel time when compared with commuting to downtown Houston is considerable.

Saving an average 2.5 hours each day in time and up to $1,000 in travel costs (vehicle running costs, maintenance, depreciation etc.) can literally change someones life in a meaningful way. Being home to spend time with your family rather than stuck in traffic has a value that dollars don’t always quantify.

Many residents can walk, cycle or drive the short distance to The Woodlands business districts while still being close enough that should you need to go to downtown Houston once in awhile, it’s close enough that you can.

Crime rates

Crime levels in The Woodlands are much lower than the Greater Houston and national averages.

  •    Overall crime rate in The Woodlands is 48% lower than the national average.
  •    The Woodlands is safer than 60% of the cities in the United States.


Educational facilities in The Woodlands are excellent at all levels. Moving here because you have a young family and want the best schools is definitely a wise decision.

  •    The average school test scores in The Woodlands are 42% higher than the national average.
  •    60.7% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher.


As a Master Planned community, housing facilities are excellent in The Woodlands. There are more owner-occupied homes than rental homes, usually the top indicator of future home values and increased equity. Additionally, the sheer choice of homes ranging from <$500,000 up to $20,000,000+ is staggering.

As you grow in life and business, you can stay in the area you’ve grown to love while moving up to the stronger home developments around.

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