You’re now a Lodger – Congrats! Now that you’ve moved in you might be wondering how to make the most of our unique coworking space? Here’s a few tips to help you settle in.

1. Be friendly. Build your social currency

There’s incredible knowledge, skill, opportunities and more at the Lodge. Invest time daily getting to know your fellow Lodger. Throw business their way if you can. We’re all in this together.

2. Be social, but not too social.

Headphones on is the universal sign for ‘Do not Disturb’ if you need to get in the zone.

3. Be phone friendly.

On the phone in the open space? Respect the community and use headphones, watch the volume, avoid speakerphone (it just makes everything louder) and remember, vibrate was invented for a reason.

4. Be kind. Be gracious. Be respectful. Of everyone.

We all survive and thrive if we interact with others well.

5. Book meeting rooms when you need them. Cancel them if you don’t.

Start and finish on time. Someone else is probably waiting. BTW – Meetings with more than 2 people require a meeting room.

6. Be careful.

You break it, You buy it! Please help us by taking care of our stuff.

7. Be classy.

We’re a workspace, not a mall. No signs or posters on windows please.

8. Be Clean. Be Tidy.

If you spill it, we’d appreciate if you would clean it! Dirty mugs go in the kitchen and the fridge is for today only, not a weeks worth of lunches.

9. Be Safe.

Only let people in if they’re visiting you. We’ll handle the door. If they don’t have a keycard, there may be a reason for that.

10. Be Respectful.

Smoke only in the smoking area, not on the Patio or 30ft from the doors. It’s the law and the rest of us don’t want to smell smoke!

11. Be professional.

We like kiddos too, just not in the space when people are working. The toys (think slide, beer, video games etc.) are for the kids at heart, over 21s only.

12. Like it here? Help us out and spread the word.

Check-in on social media Follow us on Facebook & Twitter. Leave reviews and post photos on Instagram. You’ll benefit more as we keep growing and we REALLY appreciate the love! #worklodge

We hope this helps! We’re so glad you’re in the Lodger family!