Why Templo Is The Best Coworking Space In Rio

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Templo is a coworking space in Rio de Janeiro that is home to over 200 coworkers of 60 businesses sharing workspace, services, and other workplace benefits. Templo is a network of innovative and creative entrepreneurs. The idea behind the coworking space was to organize a network where people, tools, and ideas can meet in a single community to drive innovation and growth.

Templo beautifully occupies two delightful houses, in the vicinity of Gávea and Botafogo. The offices occupy over 1500 square feet of combined coworking spaces. The most outstanding feature of the coworking space is the commitment to give its network a perfect surrounding that will allow creativity and relaxation. Cozy gardens, coworking hallways, private offices, conference rooms, shared kitchens, and a swimming pool has all been brought together to create a vibrant business hub. Members can access the facilities 24 hours a day for both flexible and fixed signature plans.

A networking hub

Templo is not just a coworking space; it was created to grow businesses through innovation and networking. It then became an ecosystem with many initiatives and activities to create an impact. Olabi was created by Templo to provide a space for creativity and experimenting with new technologies. This has helped many businesses utilize networks formed within Templo to learn, leverage and grow.

Then they created Journey, which is an international program. They make global connections between entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators and organizations through immersive experiences, and disruptive education around the globe.

Personalized space within a coworking space

At Templo’s coworking space you get what you want depending on what you need. If your industry or business calls for many high-profile meetings, or you need privacy you can sign up for a private office. As your business grows, you never have to worry about all the hassles that come with moving. Templo will still be able to accommodate you and your staff comfortability.

24/7 access

The facilities are accessible to you as a member 24 hours a day, every day. So if you want to burn the midnight oil, work weekends, or perhaps you’re a night owl that does everything in the quiet of the night, the office space is still available. What sets Templo apart is the versatility of their facilities depending on your business and networking needs. There is a variety of meeting rooms and conference facilities to host different kinds of events.

Networking and business support

Templo focuses on providing support and networks for its members. You can join without any entrepreneurial skills and they will help you create a business. Templo, through its Shipyard Freedom –school for entrepreneurship and Olabi help members sharpens their entrepreneurship and networking skills to create meaningful businesses.

Templo is driven to bring a network of innovation and entrepreneurship together within the coworking space. You can expect to get all the support you need to grow. With 60 businesses and growing, there is a lot to learn from becoming part of their network.

State-of-the-art facilities

As a tech hub, Templo boasts both technological and well-designed interiors for its coworking members. It was designed with the thought that many of their members are in international entrepreneurship. The interior design combines vibrancy and creativity. It is also designed to feel like a home. At Templo, you can experience the comfort of a home, a professional working space and a community of peers. There is also a restaurant, studio, and showroom.

A Reputation that speaks for itself

Templo is home to some of the most successful startups in Rio de Janeiro. They have hosted well-known startups such as Yelp and Linkedin when they work in Brazil. The welcoming atmosphere at Templo is rare. Giving Brazilian businesses the confidence to learn, interact and belong. Templo is a combination of ambiance and warmth for its members.


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