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The 16 Sensational California Coworking Spaces

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The Top California Coworking Spaces

California coworking spaces have surged recently, positioning it as an ideal freelance and startup ecosystem. If you’ve made a decision to leave your home office or local cafe, California is one of the best places in the world for starting a business of all types with some of the top coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and remote professionals. Many successful startups began in these coworking spaces. The idea was to cut costs because of the financial strains that most early-stage companies face. They also discovered other significant and unexpected benefits that these coworking spaces bring to their businesses.

There are a number of advantages of using a coworking space instead of venturing out on your own. It’s a blend of an ingenious work atmosphere taking the best things of traditional offices, home offices, and cafes and removing the negatives. As a result, people who cowork exhibit higher odds of succeeding compared to their office-based counterparts.

Cutting costs

A coworking space gives you everything you need for an office space and they can accommodate many types of businesses. On top of that, you will get a furnished space that is ready the minute you move in. Real estate prices are soaring in most of California making commercial leases a financial burden for businesses. To rent an office space in California you’ll need enough capital to rent and furnish a long-term lease. Most startups do not meet these requirements, but coworking spaces in California easily solve these problems.

A network of like-minded people

You need an office space with a rich concentration of like-minded individuals. Most businesses, operating in coworking spaces are startups or freelancers that are driven by disruptive thinking. Just like you, they want their life changing ideas and products to penetrate the market. It feels good to work in a community of like-minded peers, that are mostly passionate and focused. They can challenge you to look at challenges differently while igniting you with the drive to work harder than you might when you’re working alone at your dining room table.

Productivity through collaboration

There are numerous avenues for collaboration when it comes to having a pool of resourceful people together. There are possibilities of sharing technologies and even exploring different financing options. There is a lot you can learn from your startup peers. Unlike usual employees in a conventional office, most people in a coworking space are experts in different industries. They have also carried out countless hours of research in their areas of interest. They have a lot of information to share with the right people. There are many opportunities at coworking spaces that can help your startup more than in any other type of office space.

With so many fantastic coworking spaces in California, it can be overwhelming finding the best one. We did the research, here are the top 16 California coworking spaces based on events, the happiness of coworkers, staff, and experience.

#16 Downtown Works

Downtown Works is a premium, curated coworking space combining inspiring interiors with a dedicated support system. They believe bringing people together fosters better work and increases work/life satisfaction. They built their coworking space to encourage that connection in San Diego.

With events and workshops led by industry experts, they make success accessible. With that goal in mind, they offer flexible plans, additional shared office space, and executive suites, for those who outgrow the coworking space.

#15 Eco-systm

Eco-systm is an eco-conscious coworking community that invests in the sustainable growth of their members. Their mission is to redefine the conventional shared workspace by focusing on a holistic approach to professional development. By providing an environment that enhances the business acumen, creativity, health, enjoyment, and social consciousness of their members they help unlock the full potential of each individual so that they can contribute to the culture of tomorrow.

#14 Opodz

Opodz combines an exclusive mix of functional architecture with cutting edge technology and contemporary art to inspire creative minds to build their vision and pursue innovative ideas in a collaborative environment.

They are dedicated to serving local entrepreneurs, startups, engineers, artists, designers, creatives, writers and other professionals with an active community and solid infrastructure.

#13 The Urban Hive

Sacramento’s largest coworking community is made up of more than 200 entrepreneurs, designers, coders, and creatives who make our world better with the companies they build, the people they help, and the products they create. They support their member’s entrepreneurial ventures by offering shared work spaces, private offices, meeting and conference rooms, as well as regular classes, workshops and networking, educational, and social opportunities.

#12 CTRL Collective

CTRL Collective is a creative campus in LA where entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators can embody their passions and turn them into reality. They focus on their community, driving their members to their potential and creating an ecosystem with a family atmosphere. Their creative campus embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

#11 The Vault

The Vault is a collaborative workspace and innovation hub in San Francisco founded on the principle that people work better together. They offer entrepreneurs, creatives and makers state-of-the-art workspaces and endless opportunities for collaboration and learning. They help build, grow and develop – offering support every step of the way.

#10 PeopleSpace

A community center located in Irvine where people with common interests in computers, technology, science, art, entrepreneurship, and startups can meet up, socialize and collaborate, teach and learn. Members share a common love of creating wonderful things and understanding how the world works. A PeopleSpace membership includes access to their coworking space, events, and workshops.

#9 Portworkspaces

The Port is a unique workspace with three locations in Oakland created for today’s connected independent professional. As technology frees us to work anywhere, they have created a coworking space that’s an affordable, accessible space that’s intentionally about productivity, people, and professionalism. Technology can be isolating, work and home life need boundaries, and environments drive productivity.

#8 Blankspaces

A coworking network in Los Angeles, they offer flexible, modern work spaces for entrepreneurs and independent professionals. From private offices and workstations to their communal WorkBar, they have the right size and style workspace for any needs. They also have a variety of meeting room spaces that can be arranged for events. Whether you need a permanent place to work every day, a place to meet with a client, host a seminar, or a place to drop in every once in a while and cowork, they have a work space for you.

#7 BeSpoke

With a unique focus on the intersection of retail and technology, the San Francisco coworking space is home to more than 75 companies ranging from retail analytics companies to ones focused on wearable devices, 3D printing, and mobile payments. With nearly two events per week ranging from retail-tech meet-ups to the Forbes 30 Under 30 launch party, the networking opportunities are endless.

#6 Runway

Runway is a technology innovation hub in San Francisco bringing together entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, mentors, Fortune 500 Corporations, and industry experts. They provide a coworking space to entrepreneurs, accelerator programs for high-growth startups, corporate innovation services to global companies, and event programming.

#5 HackerLab

Hacker Lab is striving to be Sacramento’s go-to resource for all things education and entrepreneurship. From coworking to rapid prototyping, learning, meeting new people, and launching your startup, they have it all. Their coworking space is a perfect place to focus alongside fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers. They have super fast internet, plenty of work space, a coffee & tea bar, and a health and wellness program. Members enjoy 24/7 access.

#4 Cross Campus

Cross Campus is Southern California’s leading network of collaborative, on-demand work space and business event venues. With a focus on design & user experience, best-in-class event programming, and a diverse community of innovative members, Cross Campus has become known as “the nerve center of Silicon Beach.” Cross Campus has locations in Santa Monica, Pasadena, and Downtown LA.

#3 Hera Hub

Hera Hub is coworking space where entrepreneurial women can create and collaborate in a professional, productive, spa-like environment.  The platform provides members with connections to other business experts, access to educational workshops, and visibility within the community… thus giving them the support they need to be prosperous.

Hera Hub has successfully launched three locations in San Diego and is on a mission to support over 20,000 women in the launch and growth of their business by 2020.  

#2 NextSpace

With 7 locations in California, NextSpace provides innovative physical and virtual infrastructure that freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative class professionals need to succeed in the 21st-century knowledge economy. In an increasingly disconnected world, NextSpace creates a collaborative community that is revolutionizing the nature of work.

The real magic happens when their members (over 800 strong at last count) collaborate in big and small ways. They share expertise. They refer business to each other. They combine talents to tackle larger projects. They even found companies together.

#1 Parisoma

Located in the heart of the SOMA district in San Francisco Parisoma is a California coworking space that hosts over 200 entrepreneurs and freelancers. They support their growth through high community engagement within, as well as classes, events, and partnerships. Founded and managed by the innovation agency FABERNOVEL, their vast community of alumni, mentors and partner organizations makes them the top destination for the tech, design, and entrepreneurship startup scene in California.


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