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Finding Office Space in Houston

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Office Space for Lease Guide Houston - WorkLodge

If you’re a freelancer looking for office space in Houston, there are a number of coworking spaces that will benefit your nature of work. As a freelancer, you no longer have to sign a long-term lease that will leave you on a tight budget. Instead, a professional space with a fast internet connection, proper amenities, and convenience to suit your schedule is a great place to start. Here are the most important considerations when finding an office space in Houston.

Flexible plans

Chances are you just want an office that will accommodate you for a few days every week. Perhaps you just need a place you can schedule your meetings once in a while. Your workload might have suddenly increased and you’re looking to move your business from your home office to a more professional space. Make sure that the Houston office space you choose will have a plan that will work for you.


The interior of the office space is very important. Remember you may not be able to adjust anything because it is a shared space. You need to like it from the start, and if not, just walk away. Consider space and general arrangement of the office plan. If you need your own area make sure that the private offices are up to your standards.

You spend a third of your life in bed. When shopping for mattresses you should be focused on quality. You will probably spend a similar amount of time or more at your office. Make sure it’s an arrangement you’re going to be extremely happy with, as well as your employees and clients.

Innovation and collaboration opportunities

Before you take up an office space, find out whether there are collaborative and innovative activities going on. For instance, seek information about innovative events, hackathon events, business support, startup incubation and anything industry related that pertains to your work or industry.

Position yourself to leverage networking opportunities at the coworking events. You can also consider the presence of supplier or potential buyers or other people that will interest you in terms of your business process. Depending on what you do, there is a possibility of someone hiring you for your services, or your business gaining access to a quality hire through collaboration.


A good coworking space is driven by a network of entrepreneurs and other businesses. Creatives will be more productive working alongside other creative coworkers. There should be a certain motivation coming from peers. At the same time, there should be mentors to look up to in terms of other businesses that are doing well within the coworking space. Research and take a tour before you join a coworking space and get a feel for your future coworkers.


Chances are you will be spending a good number of hours in the office. Think about the fact that this is not an organization but different people from different industries coming together to work in the same coworking space. Look for a coworking space that has character. To break barriers, network and coexist in such a space, a certain (vibrant, welcoming yet calm) culture needs to prevail.

Shared services available

If you want to cut costs as much as possible, do not compromise on the shared resources in the coworking space. Check the kitchen, availability of printers, broadband, parking space, and cleaning services to ensure they are satisfactory. Check the quality of conference rooms and reception area because clients will judge your commitment and professionalism by them. Again depending on the office plan you’re paying for, find out about branding. For instance, enquire if you are allowed to put signage or hangings on the wall within your coworking space. Ask about the extent to which you can use joint services such as receptionists.

Personal preferences

What kind of an office are you looking at? This should be about your nature and work behavior. Some people prefer dark office spaces in a quiet environment. Some people want vibrant and activity-filled zones for their working space. You might want to commute downtown and use a different hot desk every day, or you might prefer staying close to home and having a private office. Contrary to what you may believe there is plenty of office space variety in Houston.

Business growth

If you’re wondering if a business location has anything to do with growth, the answer is a resounding yes. If there is an extensive community of entrepreneurs it’s natural to grow your business while working next to your peers. The location and physical attractiveness of the coworking space can be helpful to the businesses inside. A rising tide lifts all boats.


Typically, you should be able to access your office space 24 hours a day. Depending on your membership option, if you’re choosing a dedicated desk or private office, choose a coworking space that you can burn the midnight oil while working on a client presentation or other urgent deadlines.

Accessibility and convenience

This is largely a personal issue, but depending on where you live, don’t waste a majority of your days commuting. Think about days when you’re hosting events or meetings with clients and ensure your Houston office space is easily accessible to them. The last thing you need during your busy work week is wasting time sitting in your car.


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