It’s time for the 2016 WorkLodge Awards!

For those members that have been with us for a while, you know one of the BIG things our Lodgers look forward to is our ‘End of Year Awards’. We take a few minutes to recognize some of our particularly amazing members and tell you why they’re even more awesome than you may have already realized.

For 2016, here’s the list of the winners. If you want the full scoop as to what each of the Awards mean, you’ll have to stop by and ask them while also giving them a high five or buying them a coffee (ok, we know it’s free but it’s the thought that counts).

1. The ‘Congeniality’ Award – Tim Looney / The Entertainment Company

2. The ‘Sharing is Caring’ Award – Jim Engelke / Co-Pilot Card

3. The ‘Best Crib’ Award – Joe Gibson / JVG Law

4. The ‘Rookie of the Year’ Award – Tamara Claunch / Golden Heart Senior Care

5. The ‘Dude, Where’s My Key’ Award – Chris Dubbelde /

6 – The ‘Rush Hour’ Award – Rafa Munguia / Home Funding Corp

7 – The ‘Hustler’ Award – Robert Irish / Goosehead Insurance

8 – The ‘Bruce Wayne’ Award – Chris Homer / Scennett Design

9 – The ‘GQ’ Award – Zac Majors & Oscar Mondragon / Majors and Mondragon

10 – The ‘Havenwood’ Award – Cary White / Cendera Funding