We’re launching ‘ChitChat@TheLodge’ today!

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Today, we’re introducing ChitChat@TheLodge.

Small businesses and startups need a lot of encouragement, guidance and wisdom to help them get out of the gate.  They also need a little support from older(!), wiser Entrepreneurs who’ve been there before and have lived through what the younger guys and gals are living through now. The problem is that it’s hard to find those Mentors and when you do, it can be even harder figuring out a time that works for everyone to meet, in a location that’s not too difficult to get to.

Today, we’re excited to be launching what we’re calling ‘ChitChat@TheLodge’ which is our new, Mentoring program that is exclusively for Co-Working and Office Members, and is included at no charge with our standard monthly membership options.

We want to help Entrepreneurs in as many ways as possible and being able to offer Mentoring is a key component of achieving that goal.  Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Looking for Mentoring

Any of our members can request a Mentor connection, we simply ask that you be respectful of their time and book 30 minute sessions to begin with, and stretch to an hour if that’s mutually agreeable with your assigned Mentor.

Willing to be a Mentor?

We want to make sure our members receive solid, wise counsel and so we have a few guidelines to help you decide if you’d be a great fit in our Mentoring program.

  1. Owned and operated your own business for a minimum of 3 years, or managed within a larger organization at an executive level for a minimum of 5 years.
  2. Businesses owned or managed must have generated at least $2m in revenue within a single calendar year.
  3. Be willing to give no less than 2 hours per month of your time at no charge.

If you’re interested in finding a Mentor and starting your ChitChat@TheLodge, or in being a Mentor, just book it through the front desk (vintagepark@worklodge.com). And remember, we’re never going to ask you for equity or money, however a Chik-Fil-A milkshake on the other hand…

In 2016 we’ll be launching WorkLodge Labs, a more focused, comprehensive Incubator specifically to support and help Startups.  This is a separate program with different requirements but you can learn more about it by emailing ‘labs@worklodge.com’.

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