We love startups & we’ll be your biggest fans!

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  • Post last modified:December 8, 2016
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So in case you missed it, we’re a startup, built from the ground up to provide support and help to other startups (along with other small businesses) and so we unbelievably excited to announce a couple of extra special offers that launch TODAY because we want to be your biggest fans!

1. If you’re graduating from ANY college this year and are thinking about starting a business, we’re offering 50% off our co-working memberships for your first 6 months in business.  That means you can come work out of our incredible space for only $137.50 / month and have an awesome place to bring potential clients when you need to meet with folks, as well as a great place to build professional relationships and network with our other awesome members.

2. If you’re a brand new business owner and are starting a business or have started a business within the last 6 months, we’re offering 10% off our Co-Working membership for your first 6 months with us.  This means that you can come work out of our super cool office space from as little as $247.50 / month and have a smile on your face EVERY DAY as our team of ‘Super Staff’ take care of all your workspace related needs.

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