Gabriel Foundation: We Launched Our 50-50-50 Challenge Today!

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Today we’re super excited to launch what we’re calling the 50-50-50 challenge through our non-profit, The Gabriel Foundation.  But before we get to that, here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been able to do this year, with the help of many incredible partners, supporters and friends:

We’ve given out over $900,000 worth of fresh food to north Houston families in need. In addition to The Gabriel Foundation, we’ve had the privilege to partner with and sponsor a number of other organizations to help feed and educate at risk children, provide clothing and housing to homeless and at risk men and women, provide support, counselling and housing to young women dealing with unplanned pregnancies and finally, provide counselling and support services to victims of human trafficking to highlight just a few.

Today, we’re inviting you to be a part of something incredible for 2016, and you can start RIGHT NOW, to join us in making an impact and giving a little back from the spoils of our hard work and success!

If 50 businesses will join us by donating $50 each, per month, we will dollar match the total and that would enable us to hit our goal of just over $50,000 needed for us to help complete an orphanage in Haiti, that will provide meals, education and housing to over 50 children.  I know, that makes it 50-50-50-50 if we’re being nitpicky (50 companies, $50, $50,000 needed and 50 kids), but four 50’s just looked too long!

It’s amazing to think that for less than the cost of one meal out each month, you could help us change the world for over 50 children but it’s not only possible, we’re going to do it.

Who knows how many of them could be future entrepreneurs and small business owners themselves. Why not help us and join the cause?

DONATE TODAY by clicking here.


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