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The Daily Commute Problem: Who wants to spend more time driving to work?

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  • Post last modified:June 18, 2021
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It seems as though every few months another article is published outlining the negative impact of additional commute time on a person’s personal life. Did you know for example that between 2011-2014 the average commute from Katy to Downtown increased by 11 minutes in the morning and 19 minutes in the afternoon.  That means within a 3 year window, a Katy commuter just added half an hour to their daily commute, or lost ten hours each month of their lives to driving IN ADDITION to what was their normal commute before 2011!

Commuting to The Woodlands

It’s no prettier in The Woodlands either.  Interstate 45 is slower, more developments in the neighborhoods is translating into more traffic chaos on the roads. Another study outlined the average cost to business and individuals of all this commuting is around a $1000 each month. That’s a crazy figure but when you factor in vehicle running costs, gas, time, lost productivity etc. it starts to add up pretty quickly

Many larger companies are realizing there’s a better way which is why they offer remote working options and even assist with allowances to encourage folks to work from home. It’s not just good for the employee either, it’s a real benefit to business owners. By encouraging more employees to work remotely, they save on parking costs, property rents (less people equals less space required which lowers direct expenses) and decrease their environmental footprint in the process (less commuters equals less pollution directly (gas being used in each vehicle) and also indirectly (energy used to produce the gas, vehicles, light in the office, furniture needed etc.).

The Commute Solution

This is just one of the reasons why working from local, flexible workspaces will become the new normal over the next decade or so for millions more workers.  Working from home is lonely, noisy and full of distractions.  Almost everyone that tries it realizes they still need a professional environment to work from, and they still need that human interaction that goes with it so join us in the revolution, and go check out your local co-working and virtual office spaces to see how you could spend more time at home, save money and meet some incredible new people in the process.

P.S. If you have to drive in to work each day, here’s a top 200 commuting tunes playlist from Spotify, thanks to our friends at Lease Fetcher:

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