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4 Reasons Co-Working is even Awesomer than you think!

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Benefits of Co-Working Space - WorkLodge

I was doing some reading over the weekend and stopped by the Global Co-Working Unconference folks. They recently published some amazing statistics about the ‘new’ way of working for the next generation of entrepreneurs and generally awesome people.

Although the info graphic they produced is below, some of the statistics are worth highlights just because they really are quite incredible. They surveyed 650 people and here are some key takeaways:

Key Takeaways

1. 84% are more engaged and motivated in their work as a result of changing to a co-working environment from their previous workspace or home office.

2. 67% (that’s nearly 3/4) experienced improved professional success. In other words, their business grew and they made more money. Read that again and let it sink in! Almost 3/4 of 650 people saw their business improve simply by moving into a co-working environment. This is mind blowing when I think about our location at Vintage.  If this holds true for us (and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t) then that means over 250 people will see their businesses grow and improve simply by moving into the space and becoming part of the community!

3. 80% turned to other members for help or guidance which clearly demonstrates that having professional people in close proximity doesn’t just build your network, but it builds it with meaningful and accessible people.

4. 89% are happier now that they moved into a co-working environment.  To put it another way, if you were in a room with 10 other entrepreneurs and they all moved into a co-working space with you, NINE of them would be happier than they were before they moved.

The numbers are just incredible.  The co-working revolution and the importance of community and human interaction (it’s just the way we’re wired as humans) is truly changing the worlds of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We’re so honored to be a part of this movement and we believe in it so strongly it’s one of the reasons we give away free trial days, just so that others can see what they’ve been missing.  I don’t know of anything else so easy and simply that an entrepreneur can do to make this much impact in their business.

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