The 50-50-50 Challenge: $50 / Month, 50 Companies, 50 Kids Helped… It’s easy :)

What’s the 50-50-50 challenge?

When we built WorkLodge we wanted to build something more than just an amazing place to work. We wanted to build something that did amazing things for others. If you’re a member here, you’re already helping us achieve that goal because we donate a percentage of our profits every single month so Thank You fellow ROCK STAR. You’re helping us change the world!

For 2016, we’re on track to give away another $1m of food to families in North Houston but more importantly, we’re almost on track to hit our goal of $50,000 which will build an Orphanage for 50 kids in India.

Construction is scheduled to begin in January and we’re short approx. $20,000.

This giving Tuesday, we wanted to give all our friends the chance to join us in this project, and we will dollar match every donation given, so we only need $10,000 donated and WorkLodge will make up the rest!

Our goal is to partner with 50 companies who will give $50 / Month to help change the lives of 50 children. Our 50-50-50 challenge!

Would you consider joining us with either a single, one time donation or an ongoing monthly amount? We can process on your account or you can use the button below. We’re a 501(c)3 so any donation is tax deductible so it’s like giving away free money right?!

Join the 50-50-50 challenge today!

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